Conrad; Really...?

"Conrad?  Who might that be?" said the man standing next to me.

"Barnaby Wakefield, what kind of name is that?"

He jumped at his name being said.  I was not expecting to be joined by someone inexperienced in combat.  I figured that the princess had been kidnapped by an opposing kingdom.  I was apparently wrong.  He didn't look happy either.  It almost seemed as though he thought I was a barbarian or something.

That would have been different if I had been allowed to retrieve my armor and equipment.  My armor was finely made, forged of fine steel and trimmed with silver and gold.  There are benefits to serving well in the king's army.  My sword was also well decorated.  Instead of the fine arms I had earned, I was still in peasant's garments.

The queen continued, saying, "You will have one day to prepare for your journey.  I suggest you use the time well, as you may never return from this mission."

Excellent, I thought.  My father is ill, and may not last much longer.  I would much like to see him again before I leave.

The End

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