Silva the Servant

"Well it's about time!" the king's boisterous voice echoed across the courtroom as one of the countless maids scurried past the threshold, a sliver platter stacked almost as high as she was tall with fruit.

"Sorry your highness," she muttered. Normally she wasn't so untimely in her duties, but ever since her favorite master, the sweet princess herself, had gone missing, it had felt like she'd lost an older sister. It seemed that sadness had, of late, taken over her progress.

She placed the platter down in front of the King and his advisors and then left to her next appointment--the 'special guests'.

The sight of young men from gangly to burly lined up made her smirk. She was glad the king was doing something to find his daughter, but why all these inexperienced rascals? Her eyes fell on the two at the end, one reading through a manuscript and the other looking like he'd just been dragged from the dungeons with his scraggly look. The rest were just as varied as if whoever had summoned them had tried to gather every different type of personality. She wondered how many would qualify for the task.

"Ah, there you are Miss," the man addressing them turned to her, "Would you mind getting me that scroll? I seemed to have left it in the banquet room this morning."

"Of course," she bowed, gathering her skirts and running off. She could be wrong about her skeptical judgements, but so far his highnesses plans of action--or inaction--hadn't gotten them too far.


The End

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