Conrad; The deserter

I sat in my cell looking at the wall.  I won't be here much longer though.  I was due to be executed in two days for desertion.

I no longer agreed with the military policies of our kingdom.  If I had chosen to voice my opinions, then I would have ended up in the same position I am already in.

A messenger walked up to the guard and said he had urgent business.

"I have my orders, no visitors for the prisoner," said the guard.

"Even if the orders came straight from the king himself?"

The guard laughed and said, "Well, that would be a different circumstance... but I doubt that the orders came from the king.  So why don't you just leave and not come back?  Or would you prefer to be in there with him?"

I could tell the messenger was getting angry now as he said, "Do you see this seal?  That is the seal of the king, and that means you need to move."

The guard shoved him away and drew his sword.

"You need to leave, now, before I lose my temper."

"I'll be back."

"Yeah, I kinda doubt that."


20 minutes later...

The messenger returned, and brought with him six soldiers, in the armor of the royal guards.  The guard was most cooperative now.

The guard demanded, "You, prisoner, what is your name?"

I didn't look up from the floor and simply said, "My name is unimportant, and will serve me no more.  I am to be executed soon."

"The king will grant you a pardon if you will help him.  You will then be free to leave, or stay, though you must not disagree with the king's policies if you stay," said the messenger.

"So the King wants me, a deserter from his army, to help him?  Is this some sort of joke?"

"No, and while I can not give you any details right now, I assure you that the King does indeed require your help.  You were one of the best soldiers in the army, Conrad, and that fact has not changed."

"Fine, I will help the King, if he so desires."

"Guard, get him out of there."

This ought to be interesting...

The End

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