Grand Adventure!

An unlikely crew of heroes have set out on a secret mission from the king, and a high adventure awaits them. Monsters, villains, and maybe even true love. Will our heroes succeed, or will they fail? Either way, their adventure is sure to be grand.

It was simple, really. The King of the lands of Zelica had forgotten to send a sacrifice to the temple on that most in important of holidays, Creator's day. Sure, he had realized this but had done nothing to make amends. He was a man who didn't believe in the old gods of the world, and so had figured no one would care about one less cow carcass burning on the altar. But oh how wrong he was.

The Creator, a usually benign god who did little more than watch the events of his beloved humans, was incensed to act. With a mighty breath, the creator of all things sent a might whirlwind through the streets of the capital. The buildings were left intact, the people unscathed, but after the few damages were assessed, they realized that the whirlwind had flown with a purpose. It had taken the king's daughter.

The many palace mages worked to find the lady's whereabouts, for weeks they searched high and low with their scrying and bespelled animals but all to no avail. That was, until one apprentice flubbed a scrying and was given a surpsingly clear image of the princess. She was terrified, and filthy, but she was obviously still alive. When the king was told this, he sent a call throughout the land for strongest of his citizens to come to the palace. If they chose to accept the momentous task of finding the princess, wherever she may be, the reward would be great.

Who dares to look for the fair lost maid? Come on come all!


The End

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