Addressed to my uncle, who recently passed away due to a brain tumour and was one of the best people I've ever met.

When I was young, I used to call you my A1 best friend. My other friends could come later, but you were the best friend I could ever get, I said; the first in line. It's been perhaps 10 years since then, and I've made hundreds of other friends, bot none could match up to you.

You- with your everlasting smile, your bubbling energy, you were the last person whom I expected to be rid of that which you loved the most- life. I shall never be able to see that charming smile or hear your silly jokes again.

You've left your children, who haven't even passed school yet, without so much as a goodbye, and your younger son will probably never even remember his father. Who would have known, that the headache you started out with would escalate to sch levels? Who would have imagined that every single minute we talked to you, that tumour was growing in your brain like some amorphous, horrendous monster, set out to rid us of your presence? Did you know how much I cared for you, did I ever take the chance to tell you? Were you even aware of the terrible panic attacks I would get all that time you spent in the hospital, unconscious? Do you realize how much pain you've caused us, just sitting up there, snug in heaven? Because I know you are in heaven right now, looking down upon us with the same love I remember, and cherished. If you aren't in heaven, then no one else deserves to be.

My only consolation is that now, you are in a happier place, a better place than this earth, and I hope you are happy there. Perhaps you will read this, somehow; I just want you to know that I loved you very much.

The End

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