Good Morning, World

Description of a sunrise from a mountain top.

For a few precious moments, the forest remains dark and noiseless as it holds on to a few more minutes of slumber.  Small particles of light slowly begin to creep into the sky giving life and breathe to all it encounters.  A sweet, clear melody of a meadow lark heard overhead breaks the stillness of the night.  The small, nearby stream tries to rush faster over the rocks and moss, bringing news to everyone that morning is coming. 

Towering, statuesque pines stretch and yawn upward as a new day begins.  You find yourself shivering from only the slight appearance of dew softly glistening on wildflower petals.  Leaves rustle their refusal to wake from their deep sleep.

“Good morning!” the cool, brisk air calls to you, leaving a refreshing chill in your lungs.  There you stand on top of the summit feeling as small as that singing meadow lark.  Squinting your eyes, your gaze lands on the awakening valley rolling diligently onward for miles.  The night’s shadowy darkness will soon be replaced by the morning’s peaceful light.  Almost in triumph, you feel at peace. 

When the first luminous sun ray peaks over the mountain, touching the tips of the evergreens, your heart quietly skips a beat.  Within seconds, strong sunlight floods the sky with a powerful yet calming force.  Brightness paints almost every tree top, every peak, casting out any doubts left from the dark night.

You take in a perfect breath of fresh air, as if to heal your entire essence.  Incredible, you think.  Closing your eyes for just a moment, the wind whispers a sweet, restful assurance.  A flood of emotion fills your heart.  Good morning world, you whisper.  Good morning.

The End

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