I was listening to Pearl Jam's cover of Last Kiss, and I had really bad writer's block. I decided to try and write a story based on the song, and this is what came out.

I stared in shock at the blood on my hands, an icy realization creeping over me. How long had I been sitting here, holding her head in my arms and rocking as I wept? As the rain lashed down upon my already soaked body my eyes could make out glimmering red and blue blurs reflecting through the water in the air. There was a crowd of people now, shouting and crying and circling us like buzzards. I wanted them all to leave. Over the background noise, I could hear the sound of glass crunching under booted feet- someone was approaching us. There was a hand on my shoulder. I lifted my face, the storm hiding the tears I couldn't hold back. "Sir, please. You have to get up; There's nothing we can do." A man in uniform lifted me to my feet and began helping me towards a vehicle I couldn't recognize. I was overcome by a sudden urge to glance behind me, the same feeling Lot's wife must have experienced fleeing the burning city. Ever the curious one, I looked. I saw my life, I saw my heart, broken, bleeding into the asphalt.

The End

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