Calm Before The Storm

On September 16th 2012 I began a journey that will define my life for many years to come. My commitment to join the United Statesarine Corps has already been an adventure filled with many winding paths and tested faiths. But through these challenges, those faiths become rock solid and something I rely on constantly. So this is the story of how Faith in God, a commitment to my Country and a promise to the Corps all come together.

To start off my name is Spockeh. Some of you may know me from my previous writings or from experiences with dealing with my barely checked insanity. But that's pen name, my alias. The true me is someone a bit different. My real name is David Ray and I'm a Private in the United States Marine Corps. This work is part insight into the basic training of the Marines and part journal of my journey through it. 

I will warn you that this work might get confusing at parts because there really isn't a good way to tackle this project but from the sequence of events in the time they happened. Things may seem to run together and days might suddenly disappear but that's how it felt like in Boot camp. I will try my best to clear things up. I will also note that in places names might change slightly as to protect those I mention in my work. But enough about the whethertos and whyfors, my journey began on a plane ride with a man from the Ivory Coast and a quiet and unassuming friend.

The End

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