Go to her...

For every person with an unrequired love, there is someone who holds an unrequired love for them. Who knows, maybe they will all find their happy ending in the end.

  • B=boy
  • G=girl
  • F=friend

B: Oh hi. I didn't see you coming.

G: What are you still doing here?

B: What do you mean? (sighs and looks away)

G: She is leaving today right? You should be at the airport with her. You have to tell her how much you love her.

B: (snaps) That is none of your business! I do love her, but because I love her I have to let her go. She can't be with some unemployed guy like me! She will be happier with her family overseas.

G: You are right that this has nothing to do with me! But you shouldn't be the one saying that this is what's best for her. You should know what truly makes her happy. Have you asked her? Don't go around making decisions for everyone!

B: Why do you even care?!

G: ...Because I love you! I love you since the day I met you! I love how you always show such kindness to the person you love! But ever since you heard that she was leaving, you been so aloof that it is pissing me off!

B: ...I am sorry, I didn't know.

G: That is okay because I am not in love with the current you.

B: I just don't know what I should do...

G: Go to her. If not, then it will the biggest regret of your life. What else do you really have to lose?

B: (sighs) You're right.

G: If you go now you should still be able to make it. 

B: You're right. (got up and starts walking, then stop and turn facing G) Thank you, and I'm so-

G: If you are going to say you're sorry, then I am really going to kick your ass.

B: (smiles) Thank you. (started running)

G: (let out a big sigh) I guess I should start heading back. (turns around, looks up and notice F standing behind a tree)

F: (realizes that he been found) Hi.

G: How long have you been standing there?

F: ...since the beginning.

G: So you saw...

F: Yea...sorry. I was really concerned but I didn't want to interrupt.

G: Don't worry, he is going to her now and I am sure everything is going to be alright. She is waiting for him after all.

F: ...I was more concerned about you.

G: What do you mean?

F: It looks like B is not the only one dense.

G: You don't mean...

F: I do...

G: You must know that I just got my heart broken. This is moving too fast for me.

F: I know, so I will wait for you. I saw how you bravely confessed your feelings to B, so I wanted to confess my feelings to you too. I love you. I have always love you. I love how independent you try to be for your loved ones, but have such a delicate side to you too. I want to take care of you. I want to show you that I won't ever let you feel alone again, with me in your life.

G: ...F...

F: I know its a lot to take in right now. A lot had happened today. I am not expecting an answer today, so I will wait until you are ready to move on again. Even if it take 10-50 years from now.

G: Hahahaha, I don't think it will take me that long!

F: I am glad to see you smiling again. You are beautiful when you smile.

G: (shyly looking away) Now you are just being silly.

F: Yep. You're really cute.

G: Wahh, cut that out.

F: Hahaha, your angry face is also very adorable.

G: Hmph! You big bully! (starts walking away)

F: Ah, wait for me. I will walk you home.

As the two started walking back home together. G realized that maybe with F around, she would never feel alone again. But she is too embarrass to let him know now. Maybe soon. When that day comes, they will walk down this path together again, side-by-side and hand-in-hand.

The End

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