Kurt - Coffee Date

Kurt sighed and took off his jacket. The LED screen of his purple clock blinked ‘9:47’. He had exactly thirteen minutes before Blaine came. Slipping the jacket back onto its hook, he hung it back into his wardrobe and rummaged around for something else. It had taken him the last half an hour to decide that he would wear a white T-shirt teamed with black skinny jeans and red Converse. Now all he needed was something to complete the look, something that would make Blaine’s eyes pop. He stuck his arm randomly through the curtain of clothes and pulled out a dusty red blazer. Perfect!

The door bell rang at exactly 10:00, and Kurt smiled as he combed back the last of his hair. Perfectly on time Blaine. As always. He grabbed his bag on the way out, and stuffed his phone in there as he almost-skipped down the stairs. Finn had opened the door for Blaine, and the two were chatting away as they waited for Kurt to come down. Blaine was leaning against the door frame, his eyes shining and his smile curling up his beautiful lips. Gosh how Kurt wanted to kiss those lips! As the creaking sound of the stairs announced Kurt’s arrival, both Blaine and Finn looked up. Finn’s face was still groggy with sleep, for he wasn’t one to get up before eleven on a summer day. He nodded a hello to Kurt, as Blaine’s face broke into a radiant smile. Kurt could feel his insides turning into jelly at the sight of that smile, and he could barely manage to get down the rest of the stairs without falling over. Blaine’s smile could do that, light up a whole room and turn one’s knees into jelly.

“Kurt! Finally! You ready?” Blaine asked, his voice a sweet song to Kurt’s ears.

“Morning, Finn. Morning, Blaine. I’m good to go, so shall we?” Kurt answered.

Blaine took Kurt’s hand and pulled him out the door, the two yelling a rushed goodbye back to Finn. Long after they got into Blaine’s car, Kurt could still feel the heat of Blaine’s hand around his. He wondered for a moment if he had died and gone to heaven, because Blaine was just too good to be true. As they parked outside Lima Bean Coffee, Blaine leaned over and pecked Kurt on the lips.

“We’re here, love,” he said, winking.

Kurt sat frozen for a few seconds, his mind and capacity to move blown away by Blaine’s kiss. Finally he stumbled out of the car and into the cafe, where Blaine was already at the counter.

“A grande nonfat mocha and a medium drip please,” he said to the barista as Kurt arrived next to him.

“You still remember my coffee order,” Kurt smiled as the barista pushed the two steaming cups towards them.

“Why wouldn't I?” Blaine said as they sat down at their favourite table, “Listen, this was meant to be a surprise for the first day of school, but I can’t keep the secret anymore.”

“What are you hiding from me, Blaine Anderson?” Kurt leaned in closer, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“It’s a big surprise, so close your eyes Kurt Hummel,” Blaine said, and Kurt obeyed him.

There were some rustling of clothes, and then silence.

“You can open your eyes now.”

And there, lo and behold, was Blaine Anderson clad in a McKinley High varsity jacket.

“Blaine, what are you doing in Finn’s jacket?” Kurt asked, slightly confused.

“Oh,” Blaine said, disappointed, “Well, don’t you reckon this looks better on me than the Dalton blazer?”

Kurt’s answer was a massive hug and a lot of joyful screaming. Blaine hugged him back. Kurt finally understood the secret.

“Blaine’s moving to McKinley High!” Kurt announced happily to the entire coffee shop.

The End

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