Blaine smiled as he climbed into his little BMW convertible, his grin only widening as he put the roof down. The wind ruffled his curls, growing longer and totally gel free, and he gave a small contented sigh. It was early. Not even eight o’ clock yet. But Blaine didn’t care. He was meeting someone very special at ten, and he did not want to be late.

For the thousandth time, he wished he lived closer to Kurt. Even though he had opted to stay with his grandparents on the outskirts of Westerville for most of the summer, instead of going home to California, he was still a two-hour car journey away every time he wanted to see Kurt.

Still, Blaine was in a good mood. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the roads were almost empty.

Well, what do you expect? Its 7:45 on a Sunday. Not to mention it’s the middle of summer. Everyone is on vacation, you dummy. His conscious told him. He just grinned. He could have been on holiday with his family in Florida right now, but he had told them that one week with them – Visiting his Grandparents in New York – had been more than enough for the summer. Besides, he was not going to get roped in to another one of his dad’s stupid schemes to turn him straight.

The summer before last, they had built a car. Last summer, Blaine had been shipped off to football camp, surrounded by sweaty, meaty guys. Oh, and not to mention that the site was shared by a cheerleading camp. Filled with young, pretty girls who most of the footballers were drooling over. Blaine’s dad had been convinced that either a) Blaine would be put off guys forever after spending almost a month wading through their filth or b) Blaine would meet a pretty, good-hearted, hopefully religious cheerleader and fall in love with her.

Ideally, both would happen. But, unfortunately for Blaine’s father, neither happened. Blaine knew that not all guys were disgusting slobs like those guys, and even though he pretended to be into one of the pretty blonde cheerleaders so he wouldn’t get beaten up, he really saw no appeal. He had, however, been interested in one of the few male cheerleaders. Very interested. They had ended up hooking up in the dead of night.

Blaine suddenly felt very guilty, thinking about it. He shook his head. No, that was before he had even met Kurt, let alone gone out with him. He couldn’t get paranoid about every relationship he’d had in the past. Besides, it wasn’t as if it had lasted. Sure, they had texted for about a month, but he had lived in Tennessee, and their connection had slowly died out. He had, however, texted Blaine at the end of October, telling him he had gotten a boyfriend. Blaine had been happy for him, but it had only increased his loneliness. And then had had met Kurt, and everything had changed.

Blaine smiled. Meeting Kurt had flipped his whole life around that was for sure. No more had he been the depressed boy with no reason to live, his only escape through his music. He had a reason. A reason named Kurt Hummel. Even when they had just met, Kurt had been important to Blaine. Kurt had been everything that Blaine had been two years before. Bullied, beaten and feeling oh so alone. Blaine had not been able to just stand by and let Kurt’s life go the same way his had.

At first, it really had just been because he felt it was his mission, in some way, and because he truly cared about the delicate boy with the indescribable eyes, even if it was just as a friend. But then Valentine’s Day had come around, and with it had come Kurt’s shocking confession.

 After that, Blaine had begun to question what he really wanted to gain from this relationship. He could not deny what he felt for Kurt was strong. Stronger than any other relationship he had ever had in is life. They had become closer in the space of a few months than Blaine was with Wes and David after two years. But… was it possible for him to see Kurt in that way? In a… romantic way?

And then Kurt sang Blackbird, and Blaine’s eyes had been opened. Here was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, or heard, in his life. And he was so broken. So filled with hurt, that it broke Blaine’s heart. And he had wondered why he was so heart broken by seeing Kurt cry. And then he had realized. Because you’re in love with him. You have been this whole time. You’ve just never seen it properly until now.

Now they were together, and Blaine had never been happier in his entire life. When he was with Kurt, everything seemed so heightened, so amazing. Kurt was like everything he had ever wanted, and everything he needed, made into one. As cheesy as it sounded, Kurt really was his missing puzzle piece. He fit into Blaine’s life perfectly, and made everything better, just simply by being there. He completed Blaine, and Blaine couldn’t even begin to think of a life without him.

That’s why it had been so simple to say those three words to Kurt. I love you. Because he did. He loved Kurt more than anything else in the world. He hadn’t even expected Kurt to say anything back. A stunned silence would have been more than enough for Blaine. But Kurt had said something back. “I love you too.” And Blaine had felt the last trace of unhappiness that was left in his life slip away. As long as he had Kurt, and they loved each other, his life would be perfect.

With a jolt, Blaine came back to himself, realizing he had just missed the exit for Lima. He cursed himself and his daydreams, and did a u-turn, making it into the exit this time. As he drove, and his sweetheart got closer and closer, Blaine’s grin got wider and wider. Today was going to be a good day. He could just feel it. 

The End

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