Glee Senior Year

Santana groaned as the alarm on the other side of the room went off. What the hell? she thought to herself, Why the hell is my alarm going off? She rolled her eyes and clambered out of bed and turned the alarm off. She sighed and blinked her eyes quickly to adjust to the light.

She groaned again as the room around her came into focus. Clothes and other things lined the floor, and every surface was covered in random bits and pieces that had collected. She smirked as she remembered the last time it had gotten so untidy: Quinn had come to wake her up for a morning run, seen the mess, and almost passed out.

She grabbed some underwear and a top from her drawers and threw them on before choosing a pair of clean-looking jogging pants from the floor. Making a mental note to punch her brother when she got back, she walked down the stairs and out of the front door. Once she was a suitable distance away from her house she picked up the pace, gently jogging through the streets as the sun rose above the distant hills.

She focused more on the movement of her feet and less on the direction she was running and when she finally took notice of where she was heading she groaned, and immediately changed direction. What lay three streets away was something that she could put off doing until school started again.

I miss my best friend, she thought. She sighed and quickened her pace.

The End

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