The Titans ClashMature

Chapter Forty-One: The Titans Clash

Silas Alberec, Tyberos Guilliman the Second

Word Count: 2496 no no! He said in his mind over and over again as he charged through the foliage of this dense jungle. Emerald green leaves beating against his face as he charged through the tightly packed trees like a stampeding rhino, his combat blade in hand cutting away the densest of the jungle bush. Not now! I won't let it happen now! He raged, slashing and hacking through the bush, booted feet hitting the ground with such desperate force that they smashed any roots who were unlucky enough to be exposed. Another cannon blast cut the air above him and he saw blacked out mammoth of a man pierced through the head by an arrow. 'NO!' he bellowed. She wouldn't survive much longer! He wasn't ready! Not now...she had to survive! Barrelling through a too thin gap in the trees their bark was stripped from them and several thick branches broken clean off, easy for someone to track. But he didn't care about that now! He needed to get to her! He didn't care who knew he was here! As he ran his foot sunk into something soft and flesh like, the twisted crunch of bones breaking confirming his suspicions. Looking down he saw the predatory beauty of Vira laying prostrate on the earth.

Her sultry eyes nothing back brown cups of mud now. A neat circular hole drilled through her temple. Not stopping to linger he ran ever faster. He must be closer now. Then he heard it. Her voice. Weak and spoken as if her mouth was filled with water, 'I hope Silas is the one that kills you.' He smiled at her words. How perfect...laughing Tyberos stepped out into the clearing where Silas's little girlfriend lay across the fallen corpse of that blonde haired boy. Pretty blue eyes filling with hope upon hearing his steps, but dying as she rested eyes on his. 

'Expecting someone else my dear?' he smiled. Looking over her Tyberos noted her crimson hand gripping onto the pouring wound in her stomach, placed there in a pointless attempt to slow the continual bleeding. Monkhouse chuckled at his joke.

'I found her bossman.' said the idiot.

'That you did...well look at you,' Tyberos grinned at her, her not unattractive face smeared with blood, eyes wide and brimming with fresh tears. 'Silas's little whore brought back down to planet earth, did you really think he could keep you safe? Did you really think your little crush with one another would protect you from me?' pleasure swelling within him as he watched the girl try to scramble away, wincing with the effort, Tyberos flicked his combat knife around in his hand. I always did like to play with my food. He thought with a wry smile.

'He's a than you'll ever be!' the whore spat, blood flying from her lips with the hated words.

'You are a stubborn one aren't you?' laughing as he kicked he crossbow away from her flailing arms Tyberos stood over her. Admiring the colour of her deep red blood against the paleness of her alabaster flesh. 'You'd have made a fine wife I'm sure, and more than a decent f*ck,' crouching Tyberos looked only at her face. 'And before you die I want you to know...your little boyfriend isn't coming. But he will definitely hear your scream. That much, I can promise!' Raising his knife to stab her Tyberos stopped with the huge blade hanging over his head when a strange crack split the air. Looking up to Monkhouse he briefly saw his body facing front, but the back of his ginger head looking at him before his body dropped like a sack of bricks.

'I'm here baby.' Silas muttered, green eyes glaring at Tyberos. With a roar he plunged his knife down into the whores stomach, but just before the blade would have pierced bloodied flesh an impossibly heavy weight crashed into his side. Silas's arms wrapping around his chest and sending them both toppling down into the bush.


Rolling down the steep banking Silas released Tyberos, knowing that if he held on their added weight would increase their speed down the shrubbed slope and increase the likelihood of Silas breaking his neck. With the world spinning green, sky, green, sky Silas felt thin trees snap beneath his weight, the barbs of dozens of plants sinking into his flesh. I hope none of those are poisonous. The thought was greatly random and particularly unnecessary at this moment in time as he flew down a forest banking beside a psychopath. Tyberos's fine blonde hair spun occasionally into Silas's inverting field of vision, his grunts and cruses loud enough to be heard for miles away. Mercifully the ground finally levelled out and Silas tumbled into bright sunshine, the trees over head disappearing and replaced by fluffy white clouds. Landing hard onto solid stone Silas felt pain lance up his back and elbow, groaning he stretched to try and relieve the pain whilst the sky and planet around him spun before his eyes, turning his stomach. It was only luck, combined with his own dizziness, which made Tyberos's blade miss Silas's chest. Striking instead the slab of solid granite to the right of his head, the blade coughing sparks as it stuck the stone.

Mind clearing suddenly Silas remembered where he was. Tyberos roared like a lion as he lifted the blade for another strike. Silas rolled onto his side, the knife barely missing his back, before leaping like a cat to his feet. The world still spinning Silas took several snaking steps away from Tyberos who rose onto his knees. 'You took me by surprise there,' the psychopath admitted with a waggle of his finger. 'Not a mistake I'll make again.' The equilibrium of the world finally settling back to normal Silas gave one last shake of his head to clear it, they stood on a rocky, almost volcanic, beach. The water of a roiling ocean lapping against the ferrous rock that was there arena. Ignoring all the pain, the hunger, the thirst, everything! Silas sank into a low fighting stance and readied himself for the fight of his life. His knife is bigger than mine, but more cumbersome and slower...if I use throwing knives I'll be quicker and can get in closer. 'You better kill me quickly boy, if you can. Your girlfriend didn't look to be doing too good up there.' winked Tyberos.

'Oh don't worry. This'll be over soon enough,' Silas said drawing out two of the leaf shaped blades and holding one in each hand. 'I've killed more people in this bloody place than I have anywhere else...I hated doing it. But this,' Silas couldn't help but laugh. 'I'm going to seriously enjoy!' As Tyberos lumbered to his feet he flicked his beast of a combat knife in his hand, as if readying himself. 'Come on!' Silas challenged.

'That eager to die boy,' lunging in Silas barely sidestepped the weapon in time. Ripping both blades down through the air Silas hoped to strike him across the face but with blinding speed he rose an arm in defence. His jacket cuffs replaced by steel vambraces that blocked the blades easily. Predicting the backhand counter from his knife Silas slid out of reach of the blades singing edge. It passed inches of his stomach and when it did Tyberos left himself exposed. Roundhouse kicking the inside of his leg Tyberos yelped in pain as his knee buckled beneath the kick, dipping him immensely but not sending him to the floor. Stabbing out with one blade Tyberos blocked it easily but couldn't move quick enough to block the second which slashed across his ribs. Ducking beneath his arm as his massive blade scythed through the air once again towards him Silas turned and kicked the blonde giant in the base of the spine. A kick that would have paralysed lesser mortals but only succeeded in making the huge man stumble. Recovering quickly Tyberos walked with a smile around the edge of their large rocky plinth, his arm lifted in the air and icy blue eyes staring at the eight inch long cut across his side.

'It's been a long time since someone's shed my blood.' he grinned as if he took pleasure in seeing his life force, as if to confirm he was actually human and not some Government combat droid.   

'Well allow me to shed some more for you.' Silas hissed. Throwing a blade at him Tyberos was not as talented as Vira as to strike it from the air, but he was quick enough to lean out of its trajectory. Silas took this momentary pause to draw out his own combat knife and take the offensive. Crossing the distance between them in a heartbeat Silas hacked and slashed at Tyberos like a wild animal, their blades striking together as he blocked all but a minimal number of attacks. And those that did harm the giant were from the throwing knife in his hand, and that never cut more than an inch deep. A fist as hard as a hammer struck into Silas's side hard enough to facture ribs. Screaming in pain Silas struck back clumsily, agony blinding his mind he slashed out ludicrously. It was child's play for Tyberos to avoid the massive knife and he punished Silas for his mistake by kicking out and knocking his penultimate throwing knife from his hand. Sending the small metal blade spinning through the air and into the ocean. Mastering his pain into a will to fight Silas managed to block a strike from Tyberos's knife that would have decapitated him otherwise.

The look in his eyes alone sent shivers down Silas's spine. He could see the pleasure swimming behind those glacier coloured irises. A sick pleasure of a kill that he had probably been planning on for weeks. Silas was convinced he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of that kill. Not Today! He thought blocking another knife strike only to deliver a crippling blow to the side of Tyberos's head. Millimetres’ from his intended target, his temple, instead where as this giant should have been killed he was now only dazed. But it was enough. As Tyberos's reeled away Silas slashed with his knife. Slicing open the muscle of his left bicep and making the limb all but useless as well as driving an elbow into his face. Breaking his nose in a burst of blood and mucus. But even with one arm Tyberos was still deadly. Gripping Silas by the collar he lifted him clean into the air before Silas could react and slammed him down hard onto the rocky floor. Red and white stars erupted across his vision as his head cracked against the hard stone with a sickening crunch. Ears ringing with the impact Silas gazed up at the sky dazed out of his wits. And in this state, he saw something. Something black and small but getting closer.

Tyberos roared again. Silas couldn't d anything but grab his arm to stop he blade. His knife was gone. Lost in the struggle. Now Tyberos pressed onto him, knife blade hovering inches over Silas's exposed throat. Arms shaking at the effort of holding Tyberos's vast strength at bay Silas hissed through his teeth as Tyberos pushed down onto him, huge bicep tensed as it pushed with all its force down onto Silas's arms. Eyes wild with the thrill of the kill Tyberos's voice was shaking with the effort as he whispered. 'I win...' His smile and triumphant grin tore at Silas. Arms weakening his mind drifted to Rory...wounded and bleeding to death in the jungle. Then when he was about to finally release the sky above them flickered. Electrical tendrils dancing through the air for a brief second above the descending parachute. This place about to relocate! His battered exhausted mind realised. Then he saw a way out. Losing a hellish war-cry Silas manoeuvred his feet onto Tyberos's muscled stomach and with a hard roll kicked him off. The gleaming blade of his knife brushing the side of Silas's cheek as the blonde giant flew through the air above him.

Scrambling to his feet Silas stood with his back to the jungle and unleashed his whip that had been tied through the loops where his belt should have been. And with Tyberos stood across from him, useless arm swinging from side to side a blood covered grin across his face Silas drew out his final throwing knife. 'Last one boy!' spat Tyberos spraying blood down his chin. 'You better not miss.'

'I won't.' Silas whispered. Throwing the knife straight up Tyberos squinted in confusion before the sound of the parachute tearing made him look up. Silas caught the black box before Tyberos even realised what was happening, turning he cracked his whip towards the thickest looking branch he could find and when it was in place. He swung. Ripping the beautifully made revolver from the box in mid air Silas levelled his arm with Tyberos, gun sights lined with his chest. He pulled the trigger once but two bullets fired from its twin barrels. Tyberos's body jerked backwards horribly at the impacts, sending him tumbling into the ocean. And when Silas landed back onto the jungle terrain he turned to see a rugged mountain landscape behind him. Smiling Silas breathed, pain and blood and sweat all ejecting themselves from his body as he panted. 'Thank you!' he said looking up to the sky holding up the revolver. 'RORY!' he bellowed.

He found her where Tyberos had left her, bleeding and bloodied and all but broken over the corpse of Aeon. 'Rory!' he said grabbing her shoulders. 'Rory look at me!' her liquid blue eyes found him, but the barest hint of a spark behind them. 'No Rory no! I didn't come all this way to lose you now!' reaching into his pocket he took out his two health shards without realising how many pieces were in his hand...'No.' he cried into the air. Looking down at the hundreds of shards of broken metal and crystal. They must have been crushed in the fighting. 'No no no...' he said hugging her body close to him. Face drawn of all colour and blood still pouring from her wound even with the pressure from his hand. Tears flew down his face as he hugged her close. 'Help her,' he whispered. 'Help her. Help her! Help her please, help her!' he bellowed to the sky. Crying fresh tears as he held his dying love. Then a black box attached to a cloth parachute dropped beside him. Then another. And another. And another. Dozens of them.

The End

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