The Viper StrikesMature

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Viper Strikes

Silas Alberec, Tyberos Guilliman

Word Count: 1982

Silas had to fight for breath as he crawled his way up the steep rugged slopes of this huge quarry like sector. The grey slate was slick and shiny with wet from the constant mizzle that drifted uselessly down onto him where ever he went. Skittering tiny shards of slate into the valley below as he lost his foot Silas let out an involuntary wail before retrieving his balance by grabbing hold of a rugged twisted shrub. 'Great idea Silas!' he bellowed to himself. 'Walk across the face, that way no one will see you in the valley! Brilliant! Except for the thousand foot f*ucking slope down to the bottom!' Groaning he pulled himself back up and began to climb back across the slope face, cheek pressed against the wet stone and his knew combat knife banging against his leg, throwing off his centre of balance. I have to remember to tie that bloody thing down. He said eyeing the next decent foot and handhold with a ravenous gaze. Reaching out his cut and bleeding fingers gripped onto the centimetre thick ledge as if his life depended on it, mainly because it did, before he moved his foot across. When he had a decent pressure onto it he shifted his weight and leapt.

Springing through the air like a pouncing tiger he landed onto the remains of the path that had once stretch across the slope face. Breathing deeply in relief Silas peered over the edge and looked down into the valley, the rain was gathering, creating a fast running stream through the tiny gulley. If he'd fallen into that he would have ended up Siblings knows where. Thankful to finally have solid ground beneath his feet Silas was set to put this ordeal behind him when a delicate thud landed onto the ledge above him. 'Well hello handsome,' said a soft, seductress of a voice. Turning slowly Silas was greeted by an upside down female face inches away from his. Velvet brown hair hanging down in shining strands and deep smokey brown eyes filled with a playful sparkle.

'Hey there.' he said uneasily, backing quickly away from the inverted woman that hung from a thick bladed whip that had sunk its titanium fangs into a dead tree someway up the slate slope. With a sharp laugh the woman dropped to the ground, landing in a cat like crouch as her whip unleashed itself, rippling through the air behind her as she stood.

'You, are a lot better looking in person than on T.V!' she said with an easy smile. Eyeing her cautiously Silas couldn't help but notice how striking this woman was, in an outfit of mutred reds and pinks she certainly made herself stand out. But her large bust, long limbs, round hips and hawk like features were what made her striking, she was like an icebear. A gorgeous creature, but all the more deadly for it.

'Why thank you,' he smiled reaching a hand to his pocket. Ready to spring to one of his blades at the smallest notice. 'My face does tend to look better when it's not five stories tall.'

The woman laughed, placing her whip hand on the curve of her hip. 'Look at you. Silas Alberec...the one and only gentleman of District Thirteen.'

A sharp shard of fear pushed itself beneath Silas's ribs. 'You seem to have me at a disadvantage, you know me...but...'

'Vira.' she said. Sensual eyes staring deep into Silas's. 'You could be something great you know,' she whispered. Taking a step closer to him. 'You could be a god in this place...all you need is the right woman at your side.' Silas eyed her cautiously as she ran a soft hand across the length of his shoulder, her mouth inches from his ear as she whispered to him. The sound was like nothing he had ever heard before. It melted like honey in his ears. 'Be with me Silas,' she whispered. 'The Raven and the Viper, we'd leave this place as gods.' her hot breath brushing down his neck muddled his thoughts. 'Join me.' she whispered. Her purfume filling his nostrils. The ring of a knife leaving its sheath made him spin.

Catching her wrist her blade stopped inches from his stomach. 'So sorry. I already have the right woman!' Vira's beautiful face twisted into a vicesious snarl as she jumped into the air and quicked him away. Staggering back towards the edge of the ledge Silas just stopped in time. His foot sending several shards of slate pirouetting off the edge into open space below. Drawing out his combat knife with a clean fluid motion Silas spun the massive blade in his hands and watched as Vira lashed her balded whip over her head. It's crack echoing several times across the slopes. 'He wanted you alive. But I think I'll take the pleasure of killing you myself!' she hissed. Slashing her whip down its bladed tip glinted in the artifical light of the artifical sun. Bending over backwards the silver cresent shaped blade cut the air over his nose before firing into the wall of the slate slope. Righting himself Silas pressed the advantage. Running towards her he slashed at her viciously. But every devestating blow was far to cumbersome to this woman. She bent and ducked and leaned and blocked every attack Silas put to her.

He form bending like a reed in a strong breeze to avoid the singing thirsty edge of his blade. Realising one attack at a time wouldn't be enough Silas slashed and threw a round house knee at the same time. She ducked the blade easily but his knee crushed home under her ribs. Instantly bruising her side and probably her internal organs too. Screaming in pain she rolled to avoid his downward slash and as she sprung upright scythed her whip around. Flinching backwards Silas wasn't fast enough. The blade cut the flesh of his right cheek a few inches below his eye. Wincing at the pain he turned his head away to save his nose from behind sliced in half aswell. Jumping to his feet Silas laughed slightly padding the cut with his fingers. 'Lucky shot.' he muttered dropping a hand to his sheath of throwing knives. 'So...he wanted me alive. You're working with Tyberos.'

'Well done my darling,' she said sexily. 'Want a kiss?'

'No but this does,' acring his knife upwards Silas threw the tiny blade towards Vira's heart. What happened next all seemed to happen in slow motion. In a single deft movement Vira slashed her whip dowards, the blades on its end colliding with his throwing knife, knocking it from the air as harmlessly as if she had swatted a fly. Relluctantly impressed Silas faltered at her attack, Vira didn't falter. Ducking her cracking, bladed whip was like playing with fire. You were unharmed more by luck than anything else. He just let his instincts guide him and prayed that as he ducked or dodged the Vipress's tail it wouldn't wrap around his neck and end his life. As the rain thundered down with ever growing intensity Vira lost her footing on the slippery slate. Slashing his knife down Silas cut the top of her thigh making a startled scream break from her lips before standing up and uppercutting her below the chin. Her head jerked back violently at the motion, sending her staggering backwards with a grunt of pain. Panting with exhaustion Silas held his knife ready, keeping his centre of gravity low to the ground as he waited for her to strike again. But she didn't. Instead she smiled...

'Well. You are just one big surprise aren't you,' she winked lashing her whip around her shoulders. 'Maybe I won't kill you, afterall wouldn't want you to miss your little whore being murdered now would you?'

'What?' Silas coughed.

'So long.' she said with a wink whilst blowing him a kiss. Then she jumped. Lithe body becoming a javelin in the air as she dropped below the ledge.

'NO!' Silas said running and diving after her. The slate tore through his shirt as he slid down the slope towards the swelling river of rain water in the valley below. Breathing through his teeth as the harsh rock tore his flesh to shreds Silas reached out for Vira, who slid with no visable pyshical pain down the steep cliff. Unable to reach her Silas lashed out with his knife but everytime she rolled onto her side to avoid the blade. Leaving it to strike the slate with a sharp ring and a shower of finger thick sparks. Locking his gaze with Vira's the smile behind her eyes made him want to rip her stomach out. Backing down Silas managed to spin on the rockface, now plummeting feet first he held his knife horizontally in his hand and plunged it into the rock. It screeched with displesure but eventually sunk deep enough into the stone to slow his rapid decent. His screams killed on the air by the roaring of the flash flood below him Silas watched Vira fall off the edge, dropping from his sight whilst he still followed her path at dangerous speeds. The deafening cocophany of the white water rapids that had been created rumbled around him as his body fell off the edge. Then finally his knife bit down.

Screaming in pain at the sudden jerk against his shoulder Silas hung several feet over the roiling waters. Cold splashes spat up from the rolling river dousing his feet and legs as he hung, one handed, by his knife blade. If she's working with Tyberos. He can't be far...Rory! Bellowing all his hatred, love, determination and pain into a single long roar Silas hauled himself back up onto the cliff face. Lightning forking over his head like spear throws of some god-like weapons as he climbed. And climbed. And climbed. His love for Rory and the determination to save her from the monster that hunted her the only thing that kept him going.


With thunder bellowing somewhere off in the distance Tyberos stoodied the coastal area with an attention to the minutest detail. Every crushed leave, over turned rock or discoloured patch of sand was taken into account, the bigger picture playing for him in his mind as he crouched by a rockpool where a piece of seaweed had been torn from its moorings. She came to the coast...knowing there'd be food, shelter and an easy escape. He said playing out her steps in his vast mind. 'Interesting, she may be a coward, but she was a smart coward.' The Crying girl had made his life hell for the months of his training, always crying, always complaining, always wishing to gods that didn't exist that she didn't die in the arena. A smile cut his face as he thought on the look on her face when she realised her prayers would never be answered. It was seen today as bad form to kill your training partner, the person that had come from the same district as you, but Tyberos didn't care. He wanted the bitch dead. And he was about to make that happen!

Walking over to the small circular hole in the floor Tyberos grinned and dropped down into it suddenly. Her scream tore through the tiny cave like a banshee. 'Hello,' he grinned drawing out his combat knife in a deliberately slow motion.

' please! NO!' she wailed in the darknesss. Tears pouring down her face as she tried to scramble away from him. But this cave had only one exit, and Tyberos had just come through it.

'Here...I can help stop the crying!' he smiled. Walking into the shadows towards her, blade glistening in what little sunlight pierced the gloom.

The End

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