A Leap of FaithMature

Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Leap of Faith

Silas Alberec, Tyberos Guilliman the Second

Word Count: 2499

Staring at the scene he'd arranged for his date with Rory...Did I just say date? Is this a date? He asked staring at the slowly melting ice bucket with the champagne bottle nestled within the crystalline cubes like a breaching Orca. The blanket he had stolen from a storage area flapping in the breeze and only held in place by the two champagne flutes and pillows he had scattered around the small square of cloth. Was this going to be their first date? Sure they'd...well...met and talked. They couldn't be classed as dates really, and that night...well that was just raw passion and lust. So was this it? Oh by the Gods! Is this it! he panicked looking at what he had been able to come up with, it was nothing, lousy. And did he look alright? Silas just wore his tux shirt opened to the waist and his dress trousers. Was this the best he had for their first date?

Oh Siblings! I need to change! No...I can't change...she'll be here any minute. Trying to keep calm Silas lunged over to one of the champagne flutes and downed its contents immediately. He'd never been on a date before. What the hell do you do on a date? What was a date? Was there etiquette? Some un-written rules that couldn't be broken? Heart thundering in his chest he quickly filled the flute and downed another. Why was he so nervous? It was only Rory...Only Rory! What am I thinking, this IS Rory...she's ONLY nothing! She's...she's...taking a quick sniff of the air Silas flinched. She's right behind me...'Haven't you got silent steps.' he smiled, spinning on the spot with a full glass of champagne in his hand. As always the pure naturalness of her beauty took his breath from him. She was the epitome of heavenly. Her face smiled up at him, most of her makeup removed after the lottery, she still wore the same dress and her hair was still tied into a tight ponytail. But...something about her was different. Maybe it was her in the light of a full moon or the champagne flowing through his bloodstream...whatever it was. All he wanted to do was take her in his arms and never let go.

Just when he thought she was about to talk Rory leapt forward. Springing into his arms and planting a kiss on his lips the likes of which he had never, ever, experienced. Falling into her soul Silas kissed back. In two minds whether to drop the champagne and run his hands across her body or to keep the champagne to hand when she eventually broke away. And just when he was about to throw the drinks across his shoulder she stopped. 'I'm sorry.' she said breathlessly. Her hands running across his chest, hot breath tickling his neck. 'I've been wanting to do that all night.'

'No need to apologise in fact, if you ever want to do that again just go right ahead don't worry about me.' he smiled, although he wasn't really joking. She laughed back. That sound. That soft elegant chuckle that danced through his ears. 'I thought for our date this evening,' he said turning to the side so she could see his small picnic. 'A starlit glass of champagne complete with, chocolate ice cream stolen, by yours truly, from the kitchens.' Watching her as she smiled at his arrangement Silas felt suddenly self-conscious. 'Sorry it isn't more, but,'

'Silas,' she said stopping him mid sentence with another passion fuelled kiss. 'It’s perfect.' she grinned. Kicking off the small slippers she had used to sneak up the service staircase Rory climbed up onto whatever piece of equipment Silas had laid the blanket out on, crawling on her hands and knees into the middle. Once again Silas tried not to stare at her ass, and failed miserably.

'That looks familiar,' he joked. Shooting him a wicked grin Rory winked.

'Play your cards right tonight and you might see it again.' as she folded her legs and lent elegantly onto her elbow Silas had to trust his legs to respond to his movements as his mind was thinking something completely different than movement. Eventually lying on his side beside her he handed her a glass of champagne. 'Cheers.' she smiled at him, touching glasses carefully sending a tiny ring through the night. 'Now where's that ice cream, I've not had chocolate in months!' smiling at her Silas picked up the large metal tub and cracked the lid off, passing her a spoon they soon devoured it entirely. Not the smallest scrap left by the end of their midnight feast. 'Our trainers are going to be so pissed off.' she giggled, mouth covered in chocolate. Laughing at her Silas couldn't help but stare at her.

'You've got a little around your mouth,' he laughed as she pointed to the corner. 'Yeah...think there but...all over.' a sharp smile sparked across her face as she wiped away the chocolate with the corner of the blanket he'd stolen.

'In fairness Silas you really can't talk about appearances. Is that open shirt supposed to make me melt inside and fall into your arms?' she grinned.

'Oh well if it's not working I'll just do it up.' reaching down for the buttons a gentle hand grabbed his wrist.

'Now I didn’t say that.'

'So it is working?' he grinned looking up into her sapphire eyes.

'Just a little.' she whispered. Leaning in they kissed again, her lips were ice cold from the ice cream and tasted almost entirely of chocolate. Dragging her towards him he felt her leg wrap around his. The gentle curve of her hip beneath her dress. The warm touch of her fingers running up his ribs up to his chest. 'Are you happy with your area?' she asked after a long silence of just holding each other.

'It'll do. I'm more used to desert though...I don't know. I'm so glad you got mountains. At least I know you can climb.' he tittered remembering her disappear up the side of the building.

'Yeah.' she whispered. 'Why did this happen Silas?' the question sent him back a bit.

'Why did what happen?'

'This. Us. Whatever...this is. Why did it happen now. Why not two years ago or when we weren't part of the Games. Why now? When we both could be about to die?' she asked pressing her forehead against his.

'It's so that we treasure every moment we have together Rory. If we had years left to live together everything would become the normality, we'd start to take things for granted. But this way...we remember every kiss. Every hug. And we don't waste time.' finding his lips on hers again Silas was surprised by her strength and vigour as she pulled him into her. Breaking off and panting Silas looked at her. Blushing red and ears burning beneath the full moon.

'Don't you think that's a little perverse?' she asked pointing at the holo-clock over Capitol. That slowly ticked down to the start of the Games. 'When that clock hits zero twenty six people will enter the Arena and only one will walk out and they're displaying it like a billboard.' sighing she placed a hand onto her stomach and looked straight up at the twinkling stars. 'It makes you do stuff you wouldn't normally do doesn't it? Knowing we're all about to die.'

'Is that what this is for you?' he asked softly. 'Something you wouldn't normally do?'

Rory grinned. 'Well...I wasn't going to break it to you so bluntly.' she giggled. Silas pretended to rise but her hands wrapped around him and pulled him back, her laugh dancing around them. Wrapping his arm over her Rory rested her head onto his chest. 'How are you so calm?'

'I don't know. Living in District Thirteen...death's around you everyday and the only way you survive is day by day. You get a good group of friends and ban together, but even then, disease, gangs, drought, heat. They can all kill you at any moment without warning. I'm just used to it I guess.'

'So you don't get scared?'

'Not really.' something in her tone made him cautious. 'Why?' Looking up at him Rory smiled.

'Come with me.' Sitting up Rory grabbed his hands and pulled him up.


'You'll see. Come on come on.' she giggled dragging his drunken legs over to the edge of the building which she jumped onto confidently.

'Careful!' he yelled grabbing her arm.

'Jump with me!'


'Jump with me. Come on! It'll be fun it'll be fun it'll be fun.' she chanted with a maddened smile.   

'No Rory get down before you give me a heart attack.' Silas said strongly trying to grab her and pull her down but he was too drunk and she too fast.

'Silas nothing bad will happen. You've seen the void shield in use. We'll be fine.'

'Well what if they turn it off at night? Or when nobody is meant to be up here. Come down Rory please.'

'Silas.' she whispered grabbing his chin in her hand. 'We'll be fine. Every flight starts with a leap of faith. Trust me.' staring into her gorgeous face Silas felt something in his heart twinge. Trust her. He did trust her. Standing up onto the buildings edge beside Rory Silas held her hand tight, breath catching in his chest as he looked down.

'Thundering f*uck that’s a long way down.'

'Ready?' she grinned.

'This is such a bad idea! You're insane!' he said taking in dozens of shallow breaths.

'GO!' wrapping his arms around her they leapt into nothingness. A single second of flight before gravity took hold and sent them plummeting to the earth. Screaming at the top of his lungs while Rory just laughed madly Silas looked at the dark ground that was crashing up to meet them. Wind smacking his face with icy fists and whipping his dreadlocks around like crazed snakes Silas screamed his lungs out. Then a feeling wrapped around him. A sensation similar to pins and needles across his entire body. Slowing his fall and ripping Rory from his hands.

'RORY!' he screamed reaching a stop. He stayed still in the air for less than a second before being flung upwards as if he had leapt into a sheet of elastic. Screaming again as he flew upwards the feeling stopped as he reached the roof. Arcing through the air he crashed onto his back, landing on their blanket knocking over the champagne glasses and making the empty ice-cream container bounce onto the floor. Groaning in pain he looked up as he heard Rory's high pitched whoop of excitement. Watching her fall through the air Silas reached out and caught her, slamming back onto the blanket with her astride him, adrenaline pouring through his system and Rory's hair fallen over her face. Whipping it away she looked down at him and laughed. Silas did too. 'Again this looks very familiar,' he smiled at her. 'Let’s do that again.' sitting up to go Rory's hands pushed him back down.

'I like where we are now.' she said seductively. Her bare legs rubbing against his sides, hands running down his chest and abs, sapphire eyes replaced with sultry blue orbs.

'No arguments here.' he said pulling her down to him.


Reaching the roof Tyberos stepped out into the cold night air and took a deep breath. Things...were not going as planned. The lottery had gone fine. He would excel in any environment they put him in, but his PR minions had run polls and the Cannon Fodder from that hell zone of District Thirteen was growing in popularity every day. More and more fans were warming to him, and the more fans he got the more sponsors and the more sponsors the bigger sore in his side the Cannon Fodder would be. Watching his breath float up to the sky Tyberos eyed the clock as it ticked down steadily. Never mind. When that clock hits zero we'll enter the arena...then I'll show everyone how wrong they are. I'm the Champion me! Not even my team mates will stop me from winning. He laughed thinking about those three idiots he'd roped into his service. He'd kill them the moment he got the chance, or when their usefulness ran out. Whichever came first.

But he was so looking forward to killing Cannon Fodder. He'd fantasised about it for weeks, about how he'd do it. He'd made Tyberos look a fool for all of Capitol to see at the press dinner. A momentary lapse of composure and weeks of careful acting destroyed by him! I'll cut off his dreadlocks before I kill him...yesss...Listening to the silence Tyberos realised it wasn't silent. Looking around he saw nothing but heard strange moans and screams. Walking slowly around the buildings edge he looked around an air conditioner to see an eight limbed beast entangled on a water purifier. Naked bodies bare to the elements, moans of pleasure and ecstasy rumbling from the both of them. As they broke a part for the briefest of instances Tyberos saw their faces...Maybe there are gods after all. He grinned, slipping away into the shadows. They were at it until sunrise. Moaning and groaning and screaming their pleasure to the heavens...it was disgusting really...but Tyberos had stayed, hidden far off in the shadows waiting for the moment when the dreadlocked fool would walk by him down the exit he was surely to take. Tyberos watched them share a quick kiss, whispers and a hug before she slinked off in the tattered remains of her dress.

As Cannon Fodder made his way towards Tyberos he has the stupidest grin on his face he had ever seen and seemed unbothered by the hair thin scratches that raked his flesh. 'She's is a pretty one.' Tyberos said revealing himself. Dreadlocks froze. Anger and fear lancing across his face.

'How long,'

'Long enough.' Tyberos grinned down at the boy. 'I've been thinking for weeks how I'd kill you...but now. I'm thinking how I'll kill her...'

'You even touch her!' the boy shouted, dropping his torn shirt and squaring up to Tyberos.

'I would normally rape her first, but with all the cameras in the arena...bad for the image. Maybe I'll just stick to slicing her throat open like a butchered cattle.'

'I will kill you Tyberos.' hissed the boy.

'You'll have to get to me first boy! You and your little girlfriend are separated by the entire arena. And I'm in the middle.' dropping his smile Tyberos loomed over the boy. 'You made a fool out of me in front of the whole of Pangaea, you didn't think that wouldn't come without consequences did you?' he laughed. 'I'll see you in the arena. But not before her.'

The End

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