A Healing TouchMature

 Chapter Twenty Three: A Healing Touch

Silas Alberec

Word Count: 851

Smiling at her Silas wondered if she had ever looked more beautiful than she did at this moment. Nose crooked, blood dripping from the end of her chin, hair wild as a birds nest, bare foot, stood before him holding his hand in hers, her azure oceanic eyes glistening as she smiled up at him. Lowering himself down to kiss her Silas suddenly heard footsteps. Fredrick! Grabbing her by the wrist Silas pulled her along the corridor and flung her into his room. 'Stay here keep quiet!' he whispered to her flabbergasted face before shutting the door as quietly as he could. As Fredrick rounded the corner into the corridor his massive bulk seemed to block out the light.

'Who the hell's shouting!' he boomed.

'Sorry. Me and that b*tch had an argument!' Silas hissed pointing at Fox's door. Fredrick's eyes narrowed as he scanned Silas.

'Whose blood is that?'

Silas shrugged and looked down, as if ashamed. 'Not my proudest moment.' he said softly.

'Huh...well done boy. Didn't think you had it in you.' Fredrick said with an approving grunt before striding over to his study. Kicking his shoes off Silas slipped through the shadows to the fridge and medi-case. Picking up a health shard and water bottle before slipping back towards his room, steeling his nerve Silas opened the door and walked inside. Rory was sat cross legged on the edge of his bed staring up at the moon through his window, the watery white light shining of her skin as if she were made from porcelain, the light turning her scarlet blood a deep black.

'Sorry about that,' he said with an awkward shrug. Her eyes fell on him gently. He tried so hard to keep her eyes off her legs that could be seen through the tear of her dress, but he didn't think he succeeded. 'You look like crap.'

'Wow. That's possibly the least romantic thing anybody has ever said to me.' she giggled.

'Yes. Breaking records already.' he smiled. 'Come on let me clean you up.' pulling a rickety wooden chair in front of her Silas sat opposite her, a cloth stolen from the boxing ring in his hand. Gently wetting it with the water Rory let him cup her face in his hand and gently wipe the blood clean.

'And here I was sat thinking you'd brought me a drink.' she smiled as the cool water trickled down the nape of her neck. Silas smiled at her. Gently dabbing her skin clean until nothing was left but to fix her nose. Picking up the tiny metal cylinder Silas pulled the lid off, revealing the glowing blue shard of whatever the hell it was. He didn't know. He didn't really care as long as it did what Fredrick said and healed her. As he eyes wandered over the instructions they drifted to her exposed shoulder. Focus! He shouted to himself as he read the instructions. Rory suddenly laughed.

'What?' he asked with a smile not really sure if he wanted to know the answer.

'You're blushing Silas.' she whispered.

'No I'm...no...'

'Yes you are.' she laughed, her hands drifting up his arms. 'You're cute.' she whispered. Unknown what else to say Silas smiled.

'This might sting.' he said to her.

'It's a broken nose Silas...it already stings.' laughing at her Rory giggled back. Gods he loved that sound.

'Ready.' he said holding the crystalline point over the broken cartilage.

She wobbled slightly in her place, shutting her eyes. 'Ready.' as her face fell Silas felt his heart thundering in his chest. Lowering the shard he leaned in. And kissed her. It was a better feeling than he could have ever imagined. He could taste the champagne on her lips, the last remnants of the berries she'd eaten at the banquet giving her breath a sharp tang as she kissed him back. Her hands running up behind his neck. Enlacing her fingers together she pulled him into her. Suddenly he found his hands on her hips. The world seemed to freeze. There was nothing else in existence but Rory. She was everything. His world. His moon. His stars. His universe. She was all that mattered. She was all that held his heart. Their souls were merging. Two bodies were becoming one. It was like nothing else. He wished it would never end.

But he forgot that oxygen was also important. Breaking away from each other they each took great shuddering gasps of air. Smiles cracking their faces they sat staring at each other like daemons. Pupils dilated. Ears burning. A thousand wicked thoughts screaming through Silas's head. 'Well...that was...' she said breathlessly.

'Yeah...' he laughed moving his hands to her sides. Looking at her something was different. 'Your nose isn't crooked anymore.'

'I think it clicked back into place on your cheek.' she giggled feeling its thin bridge. 'And that didn't sting at all.' she grinned before pulling him back towards her. The world was lost to oblivion as they sat there. Just them. No one else.

The End

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