A Simple ChoiceMature

Chapter Twenty-One: A Simple Choice

Silas Alberec

Word Count: 965

Silas stared. Hate and rage swelling up inside him like lava at the mouth of a volcano, ready to explode outward at any minute. He watched with a grim horror as Aeon suckered his face onto Rory's her gentle elegant lips smothered by his drunken worms, her arms flailing slightly at her sides. Unknown of where to put them. When they finally broke apart Aeon gulped in huge lungfuls of air. Staggering back on drunken legs. Rory stood, frozen in her spot, a look somewhere between terror and confusion across her face, her fingers delicately touching her lips as if to check they were still there. Gripping onto his glass of whisky with enough strength to make the glass screech in protest, the golden whisky rippling with the rage that shook his body. Then Aeon crossed the line. He looked at Silas, dead in the eyes. And smiled. A wry, wormy, arrogant little smirk that made Silas want to punch his lights out! Rory glanced at Silas. Embarrassment burning her cheeks. 'Suddenly I feel like a third wheel. So I'll just leave you two alone...' downing his whiskey and throwing the glass across the roof to smash against the Servitor where he and Rory had just been lain a few moments before.

Storming off Aeon's drunken, grating laugh filled the darkness as Silas barged past him. 'Crowsh to shcare have we?' he laughed drunkenly. Words sloshing together as his tongue struggled to comprehend the drunken soup of his thoughts. Kicking open the access door to the roof hard enough to bend the inch thick aluminium off its hinges Silas flew down the steps three at a time. He wasn't even sure where he was going. He just needed to get away from him before he did something stupid. He needed to get away from them both. All the while the Janitors words ringing between his ears. Tell her how you feel...tell her how you feel. How could he do that now? Aeon had kissed her. Rory didn't stop him! She didn't push him away and slap him! Or knee him in the groin and throw his drunken ass off the roof. She let it happen...she let him kiss her. When they'd come so close at the banquet...

Smashing through door after door Silas thundered through the corridors of the training area. 'Silas!' her voice cried from behind him. He didn't turn. He didn't stop or slow. He just kept walking towards the lifts. 'Silas wait!' she shouted. Bare feet slapping hard wood floors as she ran to keep pace with his angry strides. 'Silas!' grabbing his arm she pulled him around.

'What!' he said angrily. Her porcelain face cracked with fright at the power behind his voice.

'Silas that didn't mean anything! He was drunk, you saw him!' rage boiling inside him Silas grunted and resumed his frenzied walk towards the lifts. 'Hey! Stand and look at me when I'm talking to you god dammit!' she shouted. Rounding on him with a manoeuvre he had never seen she pushed against his chest, slamming him back several steps.

'Did you enjoy it?' he thundered.

'What?! No of course...'

'Really because from where I was standing it looked like you really didn't put up much of a fight!'

'What did you want me to do? Break his neck?'

'It'd sure be a good start.'

'Well that may be how you deal with things in District Thirteen but we're a little more civilised up here!' that cut deep. Very deep. His pain must have shown because her face almost immediately fell. 'Silas I'm sorry I didn't mean that,' she said quickly pushing on his chest again as he tried to walk past her.

'Yeah but you still said it! If you said it you think it...Fox was right.' he sighed.

'About what.'

'About that fact that the closer you get to people in this game the more you get hurt, you know for just one minute I thought...' abandoning that train of thought Silas waved her off. 'Forget it.'

'No I won't just forget it! Aeon was drunk and his pride was bruised after you sent Tyberos away. What did you expect him to do?'

'So you're saying this is my fault for getting that psycho path away from you?'

'No of course not! Just listen to me!' she shouted. It was an overwhelmingly powerful sound from someone of such slender frame.

'Who do you like more? Me or him?' he fired quickly before she could say anything else.


'Answer the question!'

'I can't answer it! I can't because I don't even know myself! I can't think straight right now Silas, with training, and press, and interviews, and stylists, and Aeon and...you. I...'

'It's a simple choice Rory.'

'I can't choose! He's my partner, you're...' she stopped short. Face falling into an ivory mask of such pain and confusion Silas had to try very hard not to hug her and comfort her.

'I'm what?'

'I don't know...'

'Wow...that's great.' he said with a humourless smile. Stepping into the nearest lift the doors were close to closing when a soft hand caught them, forcing them open.

'I don't know because I've never felt like this Silas! I don't know what to call it...and don't you dare look at me and say you don't feel the same way! Because if you lie to me I'll kick your ass.' unable to look into her teary sapphire eyes Silas looked to the floor instead. 'Don't let tonight end this way Silas...please...' tears burning against his eyes Silas reached for his floor number. '

'Goodbye Rory.' his heart was torn out when those doors closed on her. Encasing him in an aluminium lined coffin.

The End

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