Robbie--Water, Boat, and Strange FishMature


"I am kinda tired," Madelyn commented as I was about to protest that I could go on. I sighed and let myself be seated beside Zoey. I was still unconvinced that this rest wasn’t just for me…but I was tired out enough to let it go. Zoey leaned against me and I rested my head gingerly against Zoey’s. The explosion had hurt me more than I had let on, my leg had been burnt really badly…and I wasn’t sure whether or not it was broken. Tyler probably realized I was hurting more than I let on because he had been all but carrying me and I was sure he had heard my small groans of pain. My ribs also felt like they were ready to collapse, though I had carefully felt them and they seemed to be intact…just heavily bruised.

Suddenly the wall disappeared from behind me and Zoey. Generally when the wall you are leaning on just ceases to exist you fall through it…and that is exactly what Zoey and I did. For about two seconds we were falling through the air…I even got that tickly feeling in my stomach. Then we hit water with a loud and very painful splash. I sank for about three feet before I hit the ground beneath the water. I sat up out of the water and pulled a surprised breath; but I did it too quickly and my bruised ribs exploded in pain. It was so bad that stars exploded across my vision, then everything went black.

Everything may have gone black, but I could still feel the pain and was still aware of the sound of my heavy breathing. What was with this? Then I realized it must be lights out time. I brought my arm up and pushed a button on my watch. The face lit up briefly, revealing 7:02 PM. Yup, lights out.

Wait, I could hear my heavy breathing…but wait…I was sure Zoey had fallen with me…why couldn’t I hear her moving around? “Zoey!” I whispered. “Zoey where are you?” There was no response.

“Zoey!” I called, louder this time. Still no response. “Zoey!” I screamed. There wasn’t even the sound of water stirring. I began to start feeling frantically around for her. After about ten agonizing and painful minutes—agonizing because of my fear for Zoey, painful because crawling around in the water with heavily bruised rib and a leg that might even be broken is not a painless experience—I finally found her. She was floating face-up in the water about ten feet from where I had landed. She had been knocked out some time during the fall or when she had hit the water. What was I going to do now? It was dark, there was no telling what was in this water with us, and there was no way I would be able to carry Zoey to safety…even if I knew where safety was…

I was about to begin pulling Zoey…somewhere…when I heard the quiet buzz of a muted motor. I froze, then pulled Zoey to the wall, praying that whatever it was would go away and just stop. It didn’t however, it came closer instead. Just then I realized that I still had all my stuff that I had been started out with. Including a silenced pistol and night-vision goggles. I pulled out my bag and put on my night-vision. It didn’t work. The water must have gotten to it and messed it up. At least the gun should still work…I quickly pulled it out and made sure it was loaded before chambering a round manually even though the pistol itself was semi-automatic. I aimed it at the direction of the sound. Slowly, beams of light began to weave across a long hallway as they came around some invisible corner. The sound got closer and closer, and yet it remained so quite it was hard to hear. I wasn’t quite sure how I had managed to hear the sound in the first place…this place must be doing more to me than I realized…

The beams of light pulled around the corner. They turned out to be flashlight beams weaving slowly across the flooded hall-way. Searching. I pressed myself and Zoey’s prone form against the wall, maybe they would pass us by and not notice us…yeah right…I carefully hid Zoey behind me and trained my gun on the nearest flashlight, which was now close enough for me to see was attached to a gun. I didn’t waste another thought, I just fired. There was a quiet phwt as the bullet left the gun, then a scream and a splash as the flashlight and a body fell into the water. I fired again, this time at the other flashlight. Another scream, another splash as the flashlight went into the water. The splash wasn’t big enough though for a body to have fallen as well. I fired three more shots phwt, phwt, phwt, in quick succession in the general area where the flashlight had been. There was another cry of pain, cut short by the final bullet, then another splash. I fired five more times at the area where the people had been, but there were no other sounds of pain. The quiet motor continued on however and I reached out as it passed me. A small, plastic raft with a motor attached to it was what I ended up catching.

Yes! This was the answer to my problems! It was safe from most stuff in the water…assuming those stuff didn’t jump out of the water...and it would carry both Zoey and me. I struggled to get Zoey on the boat and just as I finally got her to stay there I felt a bite on my leg. Then another, this one hurting significantly more. I pulled my leg out of the water and found a huge fish…I couldn’t tell what it was in this light…still attached to it. Thoroughly freaked out now, I ripped the fish off my leg and jumped onto the raft, landing painfully on my chest. I felt around the motor until I found a button to make it go faster. We sped quickly out of the place, away from those fishes and whatever else was there…this was going to be a long night…I couldn’t risk sleeping because there might be other patrols…and what if the fish decided to jump out of the water?

The End

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