Tyler--Frustration Much?Mature


I laid my head back contentedly as Madelyn rested her head against my shoulder. I could definitely get used to this…her head on my shoulder, not this house of horrors. Of course whoever it was who was maniacally controlling our lives at the moment decided that we weren’t allowed any comforts like having someone you really care a lot about so close. He, or she, decided to let Robbie and Zoey fall through a wall that, just a few seconds ago had been as solid as a rock.

Madelyn shot up and immediately checked the wall where Zoey and Robbie had been only a few moments earlier. Sadly, it wasn’t as easy as just following them, the wall was solid again. I slammed my good foot against the wall where they had gone through half in frustration and half in hopes of it actually accomplishing something. It did absolutely nothing, and on top of that, it only added a bruised toe to the list of frustrations I already had.

“Ughh,” I groaned in annoyance, putting my back against the wall and sliding slowly down. I pressed my fingers to my head and closed my eyes, calming myself down while trying to think of what to do next. Nothing came immediately to mind. We could try and break down the wall…but my kick had done nothing, so I doubted I would be able to do much there…and unless Madelyn had a bazooka hidden up her sleeve or something, I doubted she would be able to do much either. Mickey however…

“Hey Mickey!” I called. “Do you thing you might be able to bash down the wall for us so we can follow those two?” I asked.

Wordlessly Mickey walked over to the wall. He stopped a few steps back from it and then charged. He barreled into the wall at full speed and just bounced off, a little dazed. He shook his head and tried again, then again. His efforts seemed to arrive at nothing however, and I quickly told him to stop. We didn’t need him hurt as well. He was the only one of us still here that was unhurt so far. So much for that plan. I went over to the exact place where Zoey and Robbie had vanished and examined the wall thoroughly. There was not even a crack there! Not one! What was up with this place! Walls don’t just disappear and then reappear! If we didn’t get out soon the stress was going to drive me crazy! It was already driving me to inordinate amounts of sarcasm. It wasn’t like that was suddenly going to just disappear.

“ROBBIE!” I screamed, “ZOEY!” Of course there was no answer so I only succeeded in looking like a depraved idiot.

“What do we do now?” Madelyn asked with a hint of desperation in her voice. That brought me back to reality. I couldn’t afford to break down right now…I could do that once we were out of here. I was going to need so much therapy when we got out…if we ever got out. We could end up like poor Mickey, stuck in this place so long that we end up pale and deformed and slightly wacked out. Maybe a bit more than just a little…

I took a deep, calming breath and looked around for possible options.

We could just move on and hope that we somehow found Robbie and Zoey. As if.

We could sit here and hope that they were given back to us. Oh yeah, that is so much better than the first option…

We could all search the wall and try and coax it into moving again and letting us through. Might work, but I seriously doubt.

Eventually I started walking forward and took the nearest turn, hoping to find some kind of door leading into a room where Zoey and Robbie had fallen into. I found no such thing. Whoever was playing god must be feeling generous…I checked back to make sure that the others were following me, they were. Good.

I took another corner, this would put me at the back of the room where Zoey and Robbie had fallen through. Nothing. No door, no crack in the wall. Nothing.

“Oh, come on!” I screamed and threw myself against the wall. “Open up!” I shouted, throwing myself yet again against the wall. I was at the end of my rope. I had no idea what else to do.

The others came around the corner and saw me. Mickey didn't notice anything was wrong he just walked up and watched my antics. That new girl, I think her name was Kari, must have thought I was nuts and she showed it by stepping back a little. I didn't really care however I needed to vent my frustration somehow before I exploded. Madelyn must have at least partly understood how I was feeling, because she let me continue as well. 

Eventually I sank slowly to the floor, exhausted. I felt useless. I couldn’t even keep the team together in the second level of this place! What if there were more? We were doomed for sure! I head soft footsteps as Madelyn walked up and sat beside me. She didn’t get a chance to say or do anything however because as she did the floor caved in, plunging Madelyn, Mickey, Kari, and me into a huge slide through the darkness. 

The End

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