Madelyn: Explosion and DisappearancesMature

We went over to the guys, curious as to what they had figured out. Maybe They found an exit. Ha.

"So we have a plan," Robbie said, looking at us seriously. "First, I'll go first, followed by Zoey and then Kari, then Tyler, and Madelyn and Mickey taking up the rear." The guys will have the guns, while you girls keep whatever other weapons you have to defend yourself. I'll make marks on the door-frames, and if we ever get separated, follow the marks and we'll be at the end. Follow any instruction we give without hesitation, this place is likely to be rigged with booby traps, so we're going to have to be quick on our toes. Got it?"

"I believe so," Zoey said, putting on a brave face. She as brave as they come.

"Let's roll," Kari stated, getting into place in front of Tyler.

We each started filing, remembering the order Robbie had said.

"Keep close," Tyler whispered in my ear as he stood I front of me. I'll try, I thought to myself, and sighed helplessly.

"The caboose is in place," Mickey called out, and our little train started on its way.

"So, you go to school?" Mickey asked from behind me after some time of silence. I giggled to myself.

"Yes, sometimes," I grinned at him. "I.." I started, when an explosion went off in front of us.

"Robbie!" Zoey shrieked and knelt down on his collapsed form. "He's not breathing!" she screamed, looking at us frantically.

"Excuse me," Kari huffed, and knelt down to him. Immediately she started administering CPR, and by the determined look she wore, I could tell she was trained. Kids, don't try this at home.

"He's still not breathing!" Zoey cried, clutching his hand in hers. Tears streamed down her eyes, cleaning an dirt that had gotten onto her cheeks form sleeping on the floor.

"AH!" gasped a now breathing Robbie, as he jerked open his surprised eyes up into Kari's, I'm not sure if it was he or she that was most surprised.

BANG! Another explosion went off, this both behind and in front. Thankfully we were huddled enough to not be effected.

"We need to get out of here," I said, glancing around, expecting to see a sniper waiting to put a bullet through each of our heads.

"Can you move?" Mickey ask Robbie.

"I can handle it, I think." He responded, starting to stand, but still too weak.

"I'll give you a shoulder to lean on," Tyler said, helping him up, and acting like a crutch.

Zoey grasped Robbie's hand tightly, and refused to let go, creating two lines of three, with Mickey Kari and I taking up the back.

"We've already broken ranks," Kari murmured to us.

"I wonder how far we'll get," I added.

"I hope we soon find food," Mickey commented. Priorities.

We walked on, walking in the exact steps as those in front of us as to minimize the risk of setting off a trap. Sometimes we slipped up, and stepped on a moving tile, which triggered arrows to soar at us. Others caused tiles to fall away, nearly causing us to fall into a dark pit underneath. It was truly maddening, being unsure the whole time as to whether the ground we put our foot on would disappear or not.

"We should take a break," Zoey said, pulling Robbie and Tyler to a seated position against the wall.

"I am kinda tired," I reassured Robbie, who was about to protest and say he didn't need a rest.

"Do you think we've gotten far?" I asked Tyler, who sat beside me.

"I don't know..." He trailed, and I could tell that he thought we had barely skimmed the surface.

"Don't leave," I said, laying my head onto his shoulder. "I can't do this alone."

"Never," he responded, and just as he said that, he, Robbie and Zoey all fell through the wall, leaving Kari, Mickey, and me all baffled. The wall had... disappeared?!

"Instantly I tried to get though too, but it was solid again. We were separated.



The End

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