Kari: The hatching of a planMature

Excitement had picked up when we reached the metal door, after having met the group, my life had gotten rather action packed, but nothing like what we found at the bottom of the stairwell.

Sound burst into my ears, explosions broke the once still silence. Upstairs had been unpleasant, this was going to be really scary.

"I-I think I can walk," Madelyn said hesitantly. She was slightly scraped up on her legs- but the real problem for her was blood loss. I moved over quietly to lend her some support. Trying to be discreet, I just stood by her for a while, close enough to offer assistance yet far enough to look like I was up to nothing. Tyler seemed to understand, because he moved over towards the other guys to work out a plan.

"You have reached the next level, congratulations. Continue on, and experience the adventure you seek." The voice said from the Inter Com. 

"Lovely, do ya think we get a trophy?" I remarked sarcastically.  Mickey grinned at my humour. He seemed like a descent fellow, I wasn't too keen on all his scarring, but then, weren't we all scarred in some way or another?

"D'you think there's an end?" Madelyn asked earnestly. I wanted to lie, I wanted to say 'Of Course!' But then, I had no idea. I didn't know I would be captured and brought here, i didn't know any of these people I was surrounded by. I didn't even know if we'd make it past the gun fire. There was a lot I didn't know.

"I don't know," I replied, mostly to myself. "But I do hope there is." She seemed to accept that answer, knowing there wasn't much of a better one. 

We sat back, and I started fiddling with one of the many bracelets that decorated my arm.

"Hey! Guys!" I exclaimed, hurrying over to their little huddle.

"What!?" The asked me, concerned.

"I just remembered, I have weapons located all over me," I replied, gesturing to my jewelry. "When they dressed me, they gave me all this stuff. I'd forgotton about it until now!"

"Show me." Tyler and Robbie said at the same time. I couldn't help but smile.

"It's uncouthe to arm a female with deadly weapons, and ask her to use them," Mickey said. "The men need to protect, so they will not have to use them."

"But it is nice to know that I can protect myself if I find myself in need," Madelyn smiled, appearing beside me and holding out a bracelet I had been eying earlier. perhaps she had weapons too.

"I guess, but i still say it's not right. It's really low to capture innocent people, especially females,"  Mickey added. All if us pondered this for a moment. Some may consider the statement sexist, but it seemed sweet really. He was a protective type, and his instinct was to protect us girls. Chivalry. 

"Alright, we need to get back on track,," Tyler said, gently taking Madelyn's bracelet, and the three that I offered. 

"What shall we do with them?" Zoey asked, placing her own necklace into our little pile.

"We'll think of something.." Tyler trailed.

"Should we keep them in the meantime?" Madelyn piped.

"I see no reason why not, it's good to know the options though, thanks," He answered, handing us our jewelry again. 

We took it back again, and turned away to let the guys continue strategizing- they seemed to think they were in Call of Duty or something. Sigh.

Zoey, Madelyn and I huddled together. 

"So, what's your story?" Madelyn asked me. Again, sigh.

"I'm an acrobat, I was working in Ireland for a time, and I was hoping to get this awesome job. But then, I was snatched away and I have no idea if I'm ever going back." 

"Do you have any family?" Zoey asked.

"Somewhere, I have a brother and mom and dad. My brother was lost in this massive apartment accident, where the building just utterly collapsed. If he's still alive, he would be in serious pain most likely, or hooked up to a life support for the rest of his life. My mom died, we found her remains, and my dad split when I was two, my brother was 1/2 (he was adopted.)"

"oh, sorry," They comforted. I was about to reply when the guys called us over. Apparently, they had a plan


The End

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