Tyler--A Whole New LevelMature

“Well, that’s nice,” Zoey commented dryly as the glass slid up and let us get to the food. What was that all about? Why did it just open? It made no sense. I carefully tested the food’s texture and taste before eating, what if it was poisoned? Like Madelyn’s water had been. I couldn’t find any difference though, so I eventually ate to my hearts content before searching around for something, anything, to hold more food to take with us for later.

What I found made me ecstatic. In the corner of the room were three empty back-packs. I picked them up and handed one to Robbie and one to Zoey. “Fill them with food for later,” I ordered, “just make sure that you take stuff that wont get smashed and wont get old quickly.”

They both nodded and we began going through the huge pile of food, searching for food that we could take. Slowly, my bag began filling with canned corn, tuna, energy bars, beef jerky, and a variety of other foods. I tried to keep a good balance of all the nutrients we needed. It would be bad if we were to be weakened from a bad diet. I even made sure to put as much fruit as I could into the bag. It was all canned though, so I just had to hope that it had retained its vitamin C.

Eventually, all of us had filled out bags, so we shouldered them and started moving on. About an hour later we found an iron-bound door that stood out from all the rest. Robbie pressed his ear against it to see if he could hear anything coming from the other side. Eventually he looked up and shook his head. I moved up to it and did the same. I strained my ears for any sound that might indicate why this door was different. Nothing, there was not sound whatsoever coming from the other side of the door. I motioned for Zoey to open the door. Robbie and I stood with our guns leveled at whatever might be on the other side. The door creaked and groaned as it slowly opened. All my senses strained as I tried to figure out what was on the other side.

Nothing jumped out at us however, a stair case led down. So far down  that I couldn’t even see the bottom. We must be not be on the ground floor of this place…great. So this was just the first level. I motioned to the others to follow then slowly began to make my way down the staircase.

I was about twenty steps down when the door we had just gone through slammed shut, I heard a click as it locked. I immediately began limping up the steps as fast as I could. Zoey got there first though and rattled the handle. She began throwing her weight into it, but it would not budge. Mickey carefully put Madelyn down, I was surprised by how gentle he was, even though he was so huge, and carefully put Madelyn aside. He then proceeded to slam his fists into the door over and over again. It didn’t even rattle.

I eventually went over to him, “Hey, Mickey. It’s ok, we’ll just go down…it’s not like it really matters that much whether we are up there or down here.”

Mickey looked at me for a couple seconds before turning to face me. “As you wish fine sir, if it is down you wish to go, then so be it. The game is afoot.”

I suppressed a smile at his strange speech, I was beginning to like this guy, he was a bit kooky, but he made me smile, even in this place. I would have picked up Madelyn myself if I had been able to, but my foot still made it barely possible to walk on my own, let alone carrying Madelyn. I reluctantly let Mickey pick her up again and took to walking by their side.

Down the steps we all went, a party of five people. The steps seemed to go on forever, we even had to take several rest stops along the way, but about an hour later we finally reached another floor. When we did though, I almost wished we hadn’t. We were in a war-zone. I could hear gunfire and even the occasional explosion all around us. Whole walls were blown down and the lights were dim and blinking on and off. A fine smoke hovered in the air, reducing visibility to about three feet in the already poor lighting. This place was going to be “fun.”

All of us huddled closer together and both Robbie and I kept our pistols trained in front of us, prepared for whatever might come at us. “I-I think I can walk now,” Madelyn offered. Mickey nodded silently and put her down, now he was ready to help if anything came around a corner, I was beginning to think we were going to need it. 

The End

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