Madelyn: Dreadful little secretMature

My heart pounded as the large man stood in the middle of the room. Cookie trembled in my arms as we all looked him over. He seemed, well, scary. He was big and ugly. I had no idea if he was good or bad, though I thoroughly hoped to be on his good side, because he could crush me easier than I could a bug. This guy was someone who would be invaluable on our side, and devastating to oppose.

"Well.. Hi there.." The new girl trailed. Her quivering body betrayed her real fear, but I still was in awe at her courage to even speak.

"Who are you?" Tyler asked furiously, he obviously didn't like rain on his parade.

"I am new to your party of escape. I am hopeful, wanting to be-rid myself of this awful house of horrors- one which you seem to have little experience in. I am ugly, marred by the cruelty of the world. I am, Mickey." He said, bowing dramatically. I couldn't help but giggle at his performance, though I quickly shut my mouth, not wanting to anger him if he was touchy.

"Well, I guess you can join us..." Zoey trailed, laying frailly on the ground next to Robbie.

"Not like we have much of a choice.." Robbie mumbled under his breathe.

Our now two-person-larger troupe started down the hall, aware that we would attract many more traps and horrors. Mickey's words echoed in my mind, and I realized that we really had had it easy. The pain that had surged in his eyes showed that he had experience, and though I thought the little time we had been here to be terrible, it was nothing compared to what could come.

Ass if to embody my thoughts, the walls started to tremble around us, and spikes were thrust out. I had been on the edge, and was cut into by their sharp point. Mickey also sustained damage, but everyone else had been far enough in the middle to come out only scarped or perfect.

A cry left my lips, and blood flowed from my arm.

Robbie, who was closest to me, quickly ripped off his jumper and wrapped it tightly around my arm. Blood soon soaked through it, but I could tell that the flow was not as heavy as it once had been. The world around me spun, but I hung on. Tyler was at my side most of the time, but it took all my strength to simply remain conscious, let alone speak. Zoey whispered words of comfort, and Robbie stood protective around our little huddle. Kari, the new girl, and Mickey sat a meter away, watching our group carefully, yet not intruding onto our personal space.

"I think its let up," I managed after about an hour. Slowly, the jumper came off, and an ugly gash, caked in dried blood, was all I had to show for it. Blood continued to trickle, causing Tyler to again press the jumper up against it, but I figured that the worst of the cut was over- as long as infection didn't play a role, and assuming my body could 'sow' itself together again.

"We really should be moving," Kari said nervously, glancing at the threatening walls.

"I agree," Robbie said, nodding at Kari.

"No." Tyler stated firmly, metaphorically putting his foot down."Madelyn is too hurt, we need to stay here until she can at least stand!"

"We need to move on though," I argued, though I personally like his idea best.

"I could carry her," Mickey stated, rising from his hunched position.

"Absolutely not!" Tyler protested, though Mickey was already picking me up, and encircling his strong arms around my weak body. I felt like a child again, a baby wrapped safely in her mother's arms. Only I was injured, and stuck in this place. Wrapped in what presumably was a monster. Anger welled up in my chest, and I let out a small cry.

"I want out!" I exclaimed, startling everyone, and causing Mickey to lower me, slightly. "Whatever it takes, apart from murdering, I will do it! Now, onward!" I cried, pointing ahead with my one good arm, and slumping against Mickey, weak form the effort.

"You hear her," Zoey said, giving me a comforting look. Tyler still looked mad, but started walking alongside Mickey.

"You have done well my young friends," boomed a voice over the invisible intercom. "Turn left at this next door," he said, as we drew near to a door, on our left. Hesitantly, we entered, and saw a room heaping with much needed food, and a dark hole.

"In order to have the food, which is safely stored behind bullet proof glass, you must drop a living thing into the hole. You have one hour." And it was gone. Mickey lowered me to the ground, and I stood in shock. We desperately needed food, and I had no doubt that we wouldn't find any somewhere else soon. This was what we needed. But someone was going to have to die for it.

"We should leave," Kari said, having thumped her hand against the glass. "We can't kill anyone, and we can't get through the glass."

"There must be a way in!" Tyler exclaimed, shooting some bullets into the glass, which ended up just ricocheting and grazing Robbie.

"Oi!" He called, pressing his hand against the small cut.

This continued on, everyone but Mickey and I arguing over what to do. Cookie purred besdie me, and I started to stroke her warm fur.

"Mickey," I whispered to the beast that sat beside me.


"The voice just said, a living thing, right," I asked quietly, so that only he could hear. He seemed to catch on to my line of thought, because gingerly he picked up Cookie, and led her over to the hole. I went over, and kissed her little head.

"Your last good deed for us," I whispered. She purred, seeming to know exactly what was about to happen. She sniffed the hole, and just as a loose tear fell from my eye, she dropped down. I never heard what happened next, but the sound of nothing was far worse the sound of something.

A chuckle was let out from the intercom, it sounded both menacing and taunting at the same time. Slowly, he glass parted and all who had been fighting and leaning against it, fell in. None had seen what happened to Cookie. None has known it was my idea to kill her. Mickey was the only one, the only one that I hoped would know that dreadful secret, which I would carry  with me to my grave.

"Well, that's nice," Zoey commented dryly. And we all hurried in to eat the food Cookie had provided. 


The End

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