The BeastMature


Mickey was hideous. There was no denying it. His barrel chest was bare and oversized with enormous muscles. The were not natural but sickeningly enhanced to an unnatural size.  The right side of his face was blotted out by a permanent blue - grey bruising forcing one of his his eyes permanently shut. His nose had been shattered and had healed not poorly. Every part of him was misshapen somehow. He appeared as a monster from a nightmare. His mind had fared worse and his sanity had ebbed away like the sea on a sandcastle. And now he had finally adapted to the horror of the situation. He no longer considered it horror, his mind had been twisted, no it was a game. It was fun.

 The things he had experienced were to inhumane for his brain to endure and it cracked. They had driven experimental steroids into his body to raise the stakes. Mickey thought it made him look prettier. He had caught the scent of the five new players. He could easily snap one of their necks and escape but that would end of the fun. Mickey shivered he couldn’t bear that.

To him these people were new play mates some to share the fun. After all what was fun without someone to share it with. The fifth player was creeping up on them. A timid slight creature. Mickey smiled and decided to make his appearance. It had been ages since he’d seen new players the old had an unfortunate quality of dying. This had always bother Mickey, dying was such a nuisance. He decided to keep these new players alive as long as possible. Because some where in a hidden chest of his mind he hated the system which trapped and while this hatred was suppressed it had a subtle influence on his actions. His ears pricked up they had discovered an imposter in their midst but were unsure of what to do. Mickey decided to make his entrance. They didn’t know it was simply a robot android with a flesh job. He flung open the door and the players gasped in horror at him.

A tall boy with shiny blue hair fumbled for his weapon. Mickey laughed and leapt at him and brought his fist down on the boy’s chest. He collapsed on the ground gasping for air. He walked up to the imposter and grasped it’s head in both hands. With a terrifying giggle he squeezed, his massive muscles bulging. The imposter’s head crumpled in a fizzle of electricity and blood. The females screamed and he turned to them a distorted smile.

“Ladies, forgive my untimely intrusions on this most glorious of parties but I could not allow this foul villain to deceive you with it’s clever guise.” Mickey said with a great bow.

“Rest assured I mean you no harm. In fact in a show of good intentions I bring you back a trusted comrade. “ He continued.

Mickey punched through the ceiling and pulled down a body which was in fact an unconscious Ronnie. Then he spied a cat hissing at him. With speed incongruous to his size he brought down both fists on the unfortunate cat. It leaped out of the way just in time.

“Friends I advise you to slay these beasts on sight as they are poison filled little boulders with poisons, quite nasty really.” Mickey muttered cleaning his calloused hands on his frayed cargo pants. The fact had fled behind one of the girl's legs and hissed at Mickey.

He heard two clicks. The blue hair boy had recovered his wind and was pointing both his guns at Mickey. Mickey grinned hugely showing black teeth.

“Bravo blue! After all if something is ugly should it not be evil as well? I have earned a bullet simply by my terrifying visage.  After all how can something ugly be good? My good man I applaud your boldness to be like every other man whose ever beheld my face. ‘Shoot the monster’ they always cried! They all died, but not from my hand but from the lack of it. So take your shot, but know without me there came just won’t be any fun.” Mickey declared and in his mind he thought it was a very good speech indeed.

The End

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