Kari: WanderingsMature

The first thing I did when I realized that I had to play this 'game,' was take look around the room for food. My stomach was famished and I needed something to eat. Now.

I searched and searched, and came out only with a single energy bar. Oh well, better than nothing. Munching slowly, I started exploring my surroundings. I seemed to be in a maze of sorts, many halls leading around, and doors that I would rather not open. I eventually opened a few, and found scary animals, and some food. I ran away from the scary animals, and ate the food. My stomach was beginning to fill, and I figured that that was a good thing.

I wondered down the halls, and only opened doors after having pressed my ear against it to see if a creature lurked behind. More often then not, the non-haunted rooms were boring had nothing in them. However I did come across I few rooms that were rather odd. A 'meadow room' for example had a few drops of blood on the floor, and an emptied picnic basket on the floor. Another 'cosmo room' had a blanket left behind and a hairbrush laying in it. I gingerly grabbed the blanket and placed it around me neck, and then placed the hairbrush within it's folds- I might need it later.

Walking softly to other rooms, I explored at least two dozen before finding one that I wanted to sleep in. Walking far three hours had made my sleepy, and I figured a nap wouldn't hurt, especially when I had a blanket to sleep with a hairbrush to take care of bed head. I considered taking my corset thing off, but I figured if would be too difficult to attempt, and I may injure myself even further, so I decided to simply lay down.

I slept for a long time, I was unsure, but I had checked the clock mounted on the wall before I dozed off, and when I awoke again, it showed that it was 9:00, two hours before I had fallen asleep. So I had either gone back in time, or I had slept for at least ten hours (possibly more!) I ate a little bit of food I had saved from my scavenging, and figured that I should probably get moving again.

The eery silence was the thing that bothered my most, I later decided. Walking down empty halls and having no companion to converse with, it really made me feel all alone, which I guess I was.

I fingered the gun I had been given, thinking of what I was meant to do with it. There was no way that I was going to kill someone with it. Maybe I could use a dead animal or something. And when if I was to kill a person, what would I do then? Sit around with it until the evil people in charge of this shin dig came and collected it? No thank you.

I started touching all my jewelry, remembering how each piece could be lethal if used correctly. I dearly hoped I wouldn't have to use any. Each bracelet, necklace, ring, anklet and earring was dazzling, made of gems and metal that shone brightly even when no light was to be found. They were quite beautiful, though I wouldn't keep them afterward even if I could- because they symbolized death and destruction, two things I hoped I wouldn't have to experience for a long time.

Looking up at the doorways, I noticed little notches made in them. Curious, I decided to follow them- not very obvious, I figured they couldn't be an animal's, and hopefully that weren't anyone dangerous. After having followed the notches for about two hours, I almost gave up hope when I suddenly heard a shriek.

"It's an imposter!" I heard from the doorway, right before I entered in on a group of four teens, startled to see me.


The End

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