Tyler groaned and slowly came back to consciousness. I could see he was still in a lot of pain…was the blood working? Hard to tell…but it didn’t look like it. At least Tyler had been revived. But as he revived I could see that his pain was lessening. Eventually he let out a relieved sigh. “Did you guys have aspirin or something? Whatever it was, it really works!” he said with a smile. So, the puffball’s blood was a pain reliever…that could come in very useful!

However, Tyler’s leg was still swollen and had turned an ugly purple…it looked like we need some other kind of antidote, unless it would heal by itself; but I wasn’t so sure about that. The infection looked bad…we probably needed to drain it as well…isn’t that what people usually did when wounds got infected? We could wait though I supposed, it was probably to early for that yet. “I guess all we can do now is sleep, tomorrow we can go on ahead with checking the doors for a way out…if you’re feeling up to it Tyler,” I said.

With that I sat down beside Zoey and sighed heavily. It was nice to finally sit down, we had been walking around all day, checking rooms and marking doors before that beast had come, and quite frankly, I was tired out. I had finally decided to completely trust these people though, after the events of today…I didn’t really fancy being out there on my own. What if I got bitten by one of those little puffballs? Or worse…I would be stuck until I just died. I was going to have to trust these people at some point or other, I might as well start now.

Zoey leaned her head against my shoulder and closed her eyes…she seemed even more tired than I was. Normally I would have been uncomfortable with someone I had only known for only around a day leaning on me like that…but this situation was drastically different from anything even distantly related to “normal” so I didn’t mind nearly as much. The hard situations had strengthened the bonds between us much quicker than I would have thought possible. As a matter of fact, I actually welcomed Zoey’s closeness. I wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her in closer before resting my cheek against her hair.

Across from us Madelyn and Tyler had curled up similarly with their backs resting against another wall.  I was too sleepy however to be able to make out what conversation was going on between them. Zoey, it seemed, was already asleep. I could feel her deep, even breathing as her chest rose and fell, and her breath warmed my shoulder. I sighed, I could almost be happy like this! If only we were out of this…craziness…and  I didn’t have to worry about someone or thing bursting in at any moment. I sighed quietly once more before closing my eyes and letting myself fall into an exhausted sleep.

I woke up the next morning as the lights suddenly turned on again…as they did every morning and startled me awake. Zoey’s head was still buried in my shoulder as she slept, so I stayed still and let her sleep a little longer. I glanced over to see Madelyn and Tyler both lying asleep next to each other, connected at the hand. Tyler’s leg was still a deep purple, but the swelling seemed to have gone down slightly. That was a good sign.

For about an hour I just relaxed against the wall and enjoyed the feeling of Zoey pressed up against me. She really was really quite shy, like me, but once you got past that, she was kind, caring, and even intuitive. She seemed to be know how I was feeling usually, and even understood me. Most people didn’t even want to understand me, let alone actually be able to do it, even if they had wanted to. I was always just that fez over there who will probably end up being a terrorist at some point. Zoey didn’t see me that way. She just accepted me, and it was so refreshing to have someone look past where my grandparents were from and just take me for who I was.

Eventually, people began to wake up, and after having a light breakfast from supplies that we had found, we started checking doors once again. This time I was the one going in first though because Tyler could only stand and move around when he was leaning on Madelyn. She was only too happy to help of course, but Tyler was in no condition to be checking the doors. It wasn’t that bad though, most of the time, if there was something in the room, it didn’t get a chance to notice us before I closed the doors again. If it did, I was always able to close the door or shoot it before it could get us.

We were about halfway through the day when suddenly, a pair of hands from behind me grabbed me and pulled me through a door that I hadn’t noticed before. To my horror, I saw an exact copy of me walk in and take my place, no one noticed…

The End

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