Once the pain from the beast swatting me away as if I were just some piece of paper finally subsided enough that I could see and move  again I got up and looked around. The beast was nowhere to be seen, everyone else was just lying on the floor in various states. Zoey seemed to have blacked out, Robbie was still on the floor, curled into a fetal position, he didn’t seem to be in the mood to move at the moment. I moved over to Madelyn’s prone form and found her, of all things, sleeping. She didn’t seem to really be hurt that I could see, she was just sleeping…a bit strange…especially because we were in the middle of the hall…it wasn’t at all safe to just stand around here. We were really lucky that nothing had come and killed us already in this madhouse.

I care fully shook Madelyn and she looked up sleepily at me. “Hmm?” she asked sleepily.

“Come on Madelyn, we have to move out of the hall, it’s too dangerous out here, and it’s getting late.” I looked at my watch, 6:30, almost lights out! We needed to find a safe haven to sleep, and fast! I went over and put a hand on Robbie’s shoulder. He flinched and rolled away with a groan. When he realized it was me, he got up slowly, clutching his side and leaning over slightly. His mouth was taut as he moved, but he managed to keep any other sounds of pain inside. I moved over to Zoey and shook her, but she didn’t wake up, she must have been hurt pretty badly. I had also heard that the body sometimes needed sleep in order to recuperate from injuries, both mental and physical, and that if you woke someone up before the body had had a chance to do that, then it could have harmful effects on the person.

Left with no other choice, I eventually had to pick her up, my ribs still ached from being hit by the beast but I would make it if we found a room soon. Robbie had recovered enough that he was able to stand up straight and tall again, so he pulled out his pistol and began cracking doors and checking for threats. The first two doors he tried were occupied and we marked them with Madelyn’s knife before moving on. The third room we tried (it was a comfortable distance from the other ones we tried) was thankfully free. It was completely bare with only a blue, shag carpet and four bare, white walls. I moved in and quickly set Zoey down on the floor, in my eagerness to set her down I did it a little roughly…but I doubted she would care after all she was out cold…and I was still hurting and tired out from the incident with the monster-machine thing.

After I had set Zoey down I went opened the door to go out and set up the motion sensors again. However, just as I opened the door, another one of those fur balls jumped at me and sank it’s long, sharp teeth into my leg. I screamed out in pain and grabbed it to keep it from moving and biting another place as well. However, I couldn’t pull it off as it had latched on to me with it’s teeth. Fire arced up my leg, it felt like I had stuck my leg into a bon-fire! I had been bitten before…and it had never felt this bad! The stupid thing must be poisonous! I pulled out my pistol and shot the fur ball three times before it stopped wriggling. Then, slowly, painfully, I unattached the dead body from my calf and threw it out the door before closing it behind me.

I limped passed the concerned faces of Madelyn and Robbie and sat down in the corner opposite the door to examine my leg. It was already starting to turn purple…never a good sign…

“Are you ok?” Madelyn asked worriedly as she sat down next to me. She hadn’t seen the purple bit yet, so I bit back a sarcastic comment and just showed her the swollen purple mass that had been my ankle. The pain was crazy, I could barely concentrate on anything if someone had put my leg in a clamp and slowly crushed it, I think it would have hurt less. As it was I didn’t even get to see Madelyn’s response before I blacked out. 

The End

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