Madelyn: Escape from the BeastMature

I shuddered at the site of the massive beast. It looked real, but I could see areas of it showing metal-it was man made. It's tall frame stood to the top of the vaulted ceiling, and it's paws were the size of logs. It's eyes, an un-natural colour, seemed to glow with rage. Jagged teeth shone from its open jaw, and saliva poured from its drooling mouth. Cookie shuddered in my arms, and leaped into the picnic basket. She wouldn't be able to help us this time.

The beast charged Zoey, causing her to scream and run to the side, and into Robbie's arms. He tried to grab her, but the beast growled, causing her to jump, and dash away before it could charge her. It seemed to have a fascination for Zoey, because it kept trying to attack her. Sometimes it gave a a little scratch, but she was lithe, and was not easily caught-however she was going to tire at some point.

"Zoey, over here!" Robbie cried, gesturing for her to go into an open doorway. Quickly she tried to scurry over, but the beast beat her to it, and batted her away. Apparently it liked playing with it's food.

Tyler tired shooting it, but every slug he shot was pointless. This was going to be a battle of brains, not guns.

I quickly thought of what might be the problem, why the beast was going after Zoey, and her alone. What made her more special? I thought back over everything that was different, anything she might be carrying or.... then it hit me. 

"Tyler!" I shrieked."Robbie! Come here!"

"What is it?" they both asked, both faces pale and frightened.

"It's the hair brush." I whispered. "It's after the hairbrush," It was the only logical conclusion. Zoey was special, everyone was; but to the dog, the hairbrush would be the only thing that would set her apart from the rest of us, the only reason it would go after only her. Robbie and Tyler seemed to understand, and they quickly sprang into action.

"Zoey!" Robbie called, running after her. "Chuck the hairbrush to me!"

"WHAT!?" she called, unable to hear clearly over the growl of the beast.

"The hairbrush, give it to me!" He called again, this time he was closer to her. Frantically she dug into her satchel and pulled it out. 

The moment the shiny brush was in sight, the beast went ecstatic. It's eyes glowed red, and it charged her suddenly. She gave out a cry, and Robbie leaped for her, knocking her out of the way. Tyler quickly followed, and I kept my eyes open, trying to anticipate the next move.

The beast lunged, knocking over both Robbie and Zoey, and causing Tyler to have to leap over one of it's massive paws. He toppled down next to the other two, and joined them in their agonizing groans. All three were in fetal positions, rolled into balls and bracing for the next attack. The brush skidded to the left, ten metres away from me.

Quickly I dove for the brush, running some and tripping down in front of it. The beast, unfortunately, saw it as well, and started charging for me. I gulped down some air, and dashed for the nearest doorway as fast as I could.

Thankfully, the door I chose let to a massive room, with a metal doors. I chucked to brush in, and stepped to the side. The beast, forgetting all about me, charged for the brush, and take it into it's mouth and started trotting out like a dog with a bone. It seemed to sense something amiss, perhaps realizing that air was no longer circulating within the room, or that a certain human smell was no longer there. However it seemed to push all these supposed thoughts aside, and tried to get through the door. To its surprise, instead of getting back into the hallway, it ran into a closed, solid, metal door-which I had closed on my way out. And though its plans were foiled, happy sighs keep from within, along with a loud crushing sound of metal scraping metal.

I collapsed down, falling into a worn out heap, and fell asleep, worrying that if I was in this bad of a condition, how bad was Zoey, Robbie, and Tyler?


The End

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