Robbie Nasib--Early AttackMature

I watched as everyone went to sleep. I couldn’t tell for sure if the two girls were actually asleep or not, they seemed to be, but they may have been just listening. Tyler however, was most certainly awake and obviously watching me. I couldn’t see if his eyes were open, but I could see the strain in his neck in order to keep it in its current position, which meant that he was keeping his head pointed at me for a reason. Eventually, I got up and moved to a corner. Tyler may not trust me, and I could see why, but he had nothing to fear from me.

However, I wasn’t sure about him. He had even pulled that gun on me…well, ok it hadn’t been at me, supposedly, it had been for whatever had been passing by. But what if that was an excuse, he had drawn it pretty fast for him to have only started drawing that gun only when the alarm first went off. Of course maybe I was just being my usual suspicious self and I really just needed to lighten up. But  I wasn’t willing to do that at the moment, it was my life on the line after all…one dead body…I wasn’t going to kill anyone, but I wasn’t so sure about any of the rest of these people.

A short while later, I got up and moved over to the corner to be safer in case I dosed off. Sure enough, Tyler’s head shifted, almost imperceptibly, to follow my movement. I closed one of my eyes, and got comfortable. Maybe I would be able to sleep anyways. I wanted to trust these people, I really did, but I still wasn’t sure if I could. I had had bad experiences in the past with trusting people, and I wasn’t ready just yet to trust this group.

I watched Tyler until eventually, his head sagged against his chest, he was finally asleep. With that security, I finally decided it was safe for me to go to sleep myself. I woke up early the next morning, early being 8:36 am according to my watch, and looked around. Everyone else was still asleep so I just began looking through the room. I moved around, opening drawers and stuff to see what was inside. Most of them were empty, but I did find a hair brush, which  I put beside Zoey…she was cute and for some reason, I felt I could almost trust her.

As I opened the last drawer however, one of the fake trees slid open to reveal a passage. With an unearthly howl, another one of those hairless dog-things leapt through the passage. I tried to draw my pistol, but I could see I was too late. There was a hiss and a loud, angry yowl as a cat…I think that Madelyn had introduced it as Cookie…flew into the dogs face, slowing it down just enough for me to pull out my pistol. I sent two slugs into the beast’s stomach. The noise scared Cookie off the beast’s face but before I was able to shoot again Tyler put three more slugs into it’s head; finally causing it’s death.

“What was that?!” Zoey exclaimed, a horrified expression was unmistakably writ on her face.

“I have no idea…” I replied, “I ran into one of those last night though. Just a little while before I ran into you.”

Tyler came up and looked disgustedly at the dead mutant. “I really hope we don’t have to deal with that again,” he commented mildly. Then he looked up and his gaze settled on Cookie. “That is the second time Cookie saved our lives, I don’t think I am going to let that cat out of sight ever again,” He said good naturedly, then reached into our food bag and pulled out a can of tuna, which he promptly offered to Cookie. Cookie ate all of it with a gusto I wouldn’t have thought possible of an animal.

After feeding the cat Tyler returned to the food bag and pulled out four small bags of fruit loops. “Time for breakfast!” He said, with a huge grin. “After we eat we can head off and start searching the rooms for a way out. We will have to be careful though, you never know what might be inside each room. And we will have to check each room before we mark it.”

We all nodded and I moved over next to Zoey after taking my bag of cereal. “So um, where are you from?” I asked conversationally. 

The End

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