Tyler Diver--Anyone Got a Plan?Mature

"It's settled then. So, what do you propose we do?" Robbie asked.

“Well,” I began, “I guess we should try to find a door outside. So we should probably start by exploring…we should draw a map and mark where we have been so that we don’t end up going in circles,” I said after a little bit of thought.

They all nodded and Robbie made as if to leave and get started immediately. “Whoa there Robbie!” I called after him, “You may be nocturnal but the rest of us have been out and about all day! We need some sleep!”

Robbie rolled his eyes dramatically and then came back into the room. At that point one of the sensors went off and I whipped out my pistols. Robbie immediately whipped out his pistol as well and pointed it at me. I rolled my eyes at him, “Move to the side Robbie, I’m not trying to get you, that beeping means that something is in the hall,” I whispered.

Robbie slowly stepped away from the door, when my gun didn’t follow him, he came and stood beside me, pointing his gun at the door as well. After about a minute’s pause, heavy footsteps sounded outside the door. There was, however, no pause at our door, and they soon passed on. The other sensor went off, showing that whatever it was had indeed continued on its way. I sighed and lowered my gun.

“How did you get those?” Robbie asked, pointing at the computer screen, obviously meaning the sensors.

“We found them in one of the rooms,” I replied, indicating that by we I meant Madelyn and me.

Robbie nodded and went to sit by Madelyn again. It was pretty bad, I was already beginning to fall for her, and I barely knew her! “So um, anyone got any paper?” I asked hopefully. Everyone shook their heads and I sighed. We would just have to do with marking where we went until we were able to find some paper and a pencil to draw maps. “Seeing as we lack a pencil and paper to draw a map on at the moment, we need to figure out a way to mark where we’ve been in a way that we can be sure will stay…anybody have any ideas?”

Nobody answered and I was stuck with still trying to think for myself. We could make huge holes in the wall every ten feet or something, but that would be a little too obvious and might rouse the suspicions of anyone who came by that area, it would also lead them right to us if they had the brains to keep following the path, and I wasn’t sure I wanted that. We could just put minor scratches on the walls, but that might be done by random creatures and who knows what else as it just passed by. Finally it hit me, if we were to just do something simple like three tiny holes, but put them in the same area…say the top, right corner of every door-post, then it would hugely reduce the possibility of it being done by some random passing thing!

After giving the group a quick explanation of the idea, they all quickly agreed that it was probably a good way to mark our paths without making it glaringly obvious that we had been through that area. After we had decided on that plan of action, we just made small talk for a while.

“Well, I’m done in, I’m going to sleep now,” Zoey remarked with a yawn before laying down right where she was.

I grinned, I was pretty tired myself. It was probably about time I went to sleep as well. Although Robbie’s presence made me somewhat nervous. I hadn’t really had enough time to get to know him well enough to determine whether or not he would kill us…one dead body...was he that type? He hadn’t had a chance to do anything to prove his loyalty either, he had just sort of walked in. Zoey had even looked scared when she came in, as if he had threatened her or something. Was he planning on killing us? I had no idea. Maybe he had just snuck up on her. Maybe he really meant well, I just didn’t know, and that was what made me nervous.

Madelyn curled quietly up next to me and closed her eyes as well. I sighed and leaned back against a wall. “Night all,” I said quietly before closing my eyes. However, I left one of them open just a slit. It wouldn’t be visible to anyone else but me that my eye was open, but this way I could keep an eye on Robbie.

For a while he didn’t move at all. But eventually he got up and moved to the far side of the room and put his back against a corner. He leant his head to the side, so it rested against the hall, and closed one of his eyes. Eventually, my eye drooped all the way closed and warm, fuzzy darkness enveloped me. 

The End

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