Madelyn: Lost and FoundMature

We just sat there for a a while, him holding me and I laying on his shoulder. I wanted to offer him some more comfort, do something to make it all go away, but I couldn't. I couldn't save his sisters, or take him back home to assure their safety. I couldn't make his dad stop drinking or save their family somehow. I couldn't even stop the tear that rolled down his cheek. I was pretty much useless.

Unbidden tears flowed form my own eyes, soaking areas of his shirt. It only made it worse that I realized that this was the second time within two days (At least I thought two days, could never be sure in this house of horrors) that I was crying in front (now on) Tyler. He really must think of me as a soppy girl.

I wondered how Zoey might think of us, I mean really,we weren't really helping the whole first impressions thing by excluding her from our little story telling/cry fest, and she had saved me; I thought, lifting me hand to my neck so be sure the cat thing hadn't touched me at all. I looked up from my position, to look for her and apologize for forgetting about her, but I could not find her.

"Tyler, Tyler where's Zoey?!" I asked frantically, sitting up quickly. He seemed to snap out of dreamy thoughts because his clouded eyes suddenly focused, and he looked frightened at the sound of my voice.

"Zoey's not here!" I restated, just as urgently

"Where would she go?!" Tyler asked, standing up quickly and beginning to search behind fake trees.

"I dunno, did she take anything?" I asked, not meaning to be accusing or anything, but she wouldn't take a picnic basket if she were using the loo or something.

"Everything's still here..." Tyler said, glancing around to make sure that was true.

"All I can see is that she has her gun, and she could have taken that out to patrol or something."

"Or gone to the bathroom, we did have a lot to drink," I responded.

"Yeah." He responded.

"You don't think that she as kidnapped do you?!" I asked suddenly. This was a horror game, and someone might have slipped in with a silenced gun....

As soon as I said that however, Zoey walked in the room slowly, and following her was a tall male, about my age or maybe older, carrying what I assumed to be his gun and Zoey's.

Tyler instantly stood over me defensively, and drew out his own pistol.

"Who is this Zoey?" he asked harshly, and rightly so, the dude had a gun, and I couldn't tell if the safety was on or not.

"Robbie," she stated flatly.

"What is he doing here?" Tyler asked again, this time more cautious than aggressive.

"Same as you mate," Robbie replied, though the use of 'mate' sounded weird, as he was not Australian.

"Captured by pirates then?" Tyler asked sarcastically.

"Mostly," he grinned, lowering his gun after seeing that we weren't going to harm him.

"I'm Tyler," he said, moving over to Robbie to shake his hand. Quickly, I wiped my eyes while he was distracted, trying to remove traces of tears. No sense in giving the wrong impression.

"Who's this here?" Robbie asked, moving towards me as I was standing.

"Madelyn," I answered, sticking out my hand, which he firmly shook. "And this is Cookie," I smiled, pointing to the curled up kitten.

"So, what is ya'lls plan to get out of here?" he asked after introductions were finished.

"Well......"Tyler trailed, looking at us girls, wondering if we had any sort of plan.

"I got nothin'," I replied, raising my hands in innocence.

"Me neither, I was just gonna stick around you guys," Zoey responded.

"Guess that means we need a plan then?" Robbie asked, though it was more of a statement than a question.

"We?" Zoey asked.

"If ya'll will have me," He grinned, giving us puppy eyes.

"We could use another guy around here," Tyler responded, putting his gun back into his belt.

"It's settled then. So, what do you propose we do?" Robbie asked, taking lead.


The End

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