Robbie Nasib--Strange Creatures and Someone NewMature

I woke up with a start, something was…wrong…I looked around the room. I knew exactly where I was, and I knew that obviously, the very fact that I was still in this maze and hadn’t woken up at home was wrong, but that wasn’t the problem. I continued surveying the room, but nothing seemed wrong…except that I had a feeling that something was very wrong.

Finally I realized what the problem was; I had locked the door behind me last night before going to sleep. Now it was not only unlocked, but hung slightly ajar. I grabbed my pistol and quickly did one more sweep of the room. Still nothing. I eventually gave up, grabbed my gear, and exited the room, into the concealing darkness. I snapped on my night-vision and began my nightly prowings once again. Maybe I would be able to find some food this time…I’d had no such luck last night.

Not much later, there was a long growling sound behind me. I cringed and quickly whipped around. There, standing infront of me, was a huge, dog-like thing. It was completely hairless and had razor-sharp teeth that looked to be about five inches long! Drool dripped from the side of it’s black-tinged lip. It had small, red eyes that stared pointedly at me. I quickly raised my gun and fired a shot into it’s eye. Fwp.

The beast roared defeaningly…so much for silence…then charged me. Its left eye was a bloody mess, yet it didn’t seem to care! I fired another shot two shots, fwp fwp, before turning around and running for my life. THIS THING WOULDN’T DIE! I could hear the beast’s persuit behind me. It was a ragged thump-thump, thump, thump-thump, thump. It was limping.

When I got to a straight stretch of hallway I turned and fired the gun at the beast yet again. This time I hit it in the leg, and the beast went crashing to the floor as its leg gave way underneath it. I slowed down then stopped. Going back to the beast’s writhing form, I aimed carfully at its throat and fired once, twice, three times, before it’s writhings finally ceased. Then I took off running once again, with all the noise the beast had made that area was sure to be swarming with goodness knows what.

After several minutes I slowed my pace to a walk again. I was far enough away that I didn’t think people would have heard around here anyways. After I had caught my breath, I even went back to making sure that I moved about unheard, and focused on finding food again. I checked room after room, most of them were bedrooms, some of them occupied by people, some occupied with weird mutant animals, others completely unoccupied. Finally, I found a kitchen. I wasted no time in opening the refridgerator and eating to my heart’s content. After I was full I looked around and found a whole bunch of zip-lock bags. I grinned at my good luck. After I had stuffed all the non-perishable food I could carry into the zip-locks and put the zip-locks into my equipment case, I resumed my prowling. Who knows, maybe I would find another player, if I did I might be able to work up the guts to kill them so I could be free…maybe…well…it was possible…ok so it wasn’t likely that I would be able to work up the guts for that kind of thing…but you never knew, maybe desperation would be able to drive me to do it.

Just as I finished the thought, a door opened a little bit ahead of me. A girl sleepily walked out and started checking doors. By the way she walked I could easily tell what she was looking for. She needed a bathroom. I almost laughed, but that would have given me away. Instead, I snuck up on her (it was almost pitch-black so she couldn’t have seen me even if I had sauntered up to her) and grabbed her from behind, whipping my pistol up against her head.

“One word and you’re dead,” I whispered ominously in her ear…to cliché, but it was too late to take it back. It did it’s job anyways. The girl stiffened under my grip, but didn’t make a sound.

I patted her down with my free hand and found that she had a gun on her, but that seemed to be her only weapon. I grabbed it and stuck it in my belt. I knew now that even desperation wasn’t going to drive me to actually kill another player…not if they were like me, kidnapped against their will and forced to “play” this stupid “game.”

I decided to try a bit more friendly approach, if you can’t beat them, join them….”Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous wandering around in the pitch black in the middle of the night?” I asked, lowering the gun to my side and taking a step back. I knew she couldn’t see me, because it was pitched dark, but I could clearly make out her confused and surprised expression. It made me grin.

The End

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