Zoey: Kill or be killedMature

I'm not quite sure how long I was sat in that white room, leaning against the wall alert for anything that might come my way. I had no idea what was expected of me, especially when there was literally nothing except for a desk and some walls. 

What seemed like hours later, my stomach growled. 

The last thing on my mind was food, but it gave me a good indication of how much time had passed. How long had I spent in this mansion? I wasn't overly sure how long I was unconscious for, it only felt like a couple of hours, which meant that I had spent roughly a day here. I hadn't eaten since last night and it seemed to me as though it was evening time.

I whimpered slightly as another thought flashed into my mind. My mother. I wonder if she had called the police yet? Or rung me on my phone...

My phone!

I jumped up, began patting my body in search for my mobile, realized I was no longer wearing my previous outfit and sighed in dismay. They must have confiscated it when I was passed out.

Perfect. I truly was trapped here.

Another growl.

I frowned at my stomach, ordering it to be quiet. 

I made my way over to the desk out of nothing but boredom, picked up the gun and began studying it. I didn't have the first idea about guns or how to use them, only what I'd seen in the films. I wasn't even sure I knew how to fire one, but I had a sinking feeling I was going to find out soon enough.


A growl. But this time, it wasn't from my stomach, it was something else entirely. The sound was a low, hoarse noise and it chilled me to the very core. I held the gun tightly in my hand and backed away from the desk which was where it appeared to be coming from.

Aiming the barrel of the gun at something I wasn't even sure of, I pressed my back against the wall eyes planted firmly on the desk in front of me. I moved along the wall, trying to see it from another angle and I saw something protruding from the side of the desk.

A drawer.

It was a simple white drawer, the type you might store your clothes in. It wasn't fully closed and all I could see inside was darkness.


It was definitely coming from inside the drawer. 

'Come on Zoey,' I whispered to myself. 'Focus. What's the worst that could happen?'

The drawer didn't look big enough to hold anything particularly intimidating, but nevertheless I edged myself closer, gun poised straight into the darkness.

Just then, something flashed up at me. It was quick, gone in the blink of an eye, but I managed to get a good glimpse of it and I stumbled backwards.

Eyes. Two, bright yellow eyes trained right on me.

Before I could do anything, something shot out of the drawer. Something dark and hissing, aiming straight for me.

Without thinking, I pulled the trigger and before it had time to injure me, it jerked to the side and fell flat to the ground.

What the hell was that?!

My eyes never left the object as I took tentative footsteps towards it. It was small, no bigger than a kitten with fur covering every inch of it's body. Perplexed, I bent down to examine it in detail. I prodded it with the end of my gun to double check it was dead. It didn't move, so I flopped it onto its side. What I saw caused me to cry out and fall backwards.

It's mouth.

I'm guessing it was it's mouth. It was the only visible thing I could see amongst all that fur. It was set in an O shape, as though it was silently screaming at me. That wasn't what frightened me though. As I looked closer, I could make out row after row of razor sharp teeth glinting under the flourescent light. 

What the hell was that...

'Well done,' the same voice from earlier broke the silence, causing me to jump for the second time. 'You have passed the first stage. Do not think it is all like this though, for as you progress, so will the difficulty. You are free to leave this room but beware, many horrors wait for you still.'

A metallic scraping sound filled the room and seconds later, a door appeared in the wall. I wasted no time. Up in a flash, I grabbed the knife off the desk and ran from the room, pulling the door shut behind me.

What on Earth had just happened?

Was this what this mansion was going to be like? Full of "horrors" (as the stranger had so aptly put it) like that? 

No, he said it was going to get harder. The stages would become more difficult. Not for the first time, I began to severely doubt my ability, convinced I was going to die. I wasn't a fighter, it wasn't in my nature. Using that gun, shooting that... thing was just pure instinct. How the hell was I going to cope with the rest of it?

Well, there was absolutely no point standing here crying about it. Straightening myself up, I faced the hallway with a determined glare, ready to continue.

Seeing as there didn't seem to be any particular order of the rooms I had to enter, I decided to choose the one opposite me. I might as well get it over with.

Pushing the door open, I was instantly on guard. This room didn't look as frightening as the last, it seemed to be the complete opposite. It was set out like a meadow, an exact replica. Lifelike trees, painted all sorts of shades of green and brown lined the walls, a red and white checked picnic blanket sat in the middle. I closed the door behind me and decided to wait it out. I chose to place myself behind one of the trees, a place where I could see but not be seen.

I didn't have to wait very long however, as a few minutes later, the door opened and chatter filled the room. The voices seemed young, to belong to people roughly my age. A male and a female. They seemed harmless, but nevertheless, I stood hidden.

'Well, this is perfect!' the female called enthusiastically. 

'I thought so,' the male replied.

Just then, I heard the same familiar sound as I had from the white room. The sickening Grrrrffff. It was coming from the tree, directly next to mine.

The boy and girl looked up startled and I automatically called out to reassure them.

'Don't move, I'm going to kill it.'

I came out from my hiding place and aimed the gun at the cardboard tree. I must have looked strange, emerging from a fake tree, but I didn't care at the minute. Introductions could be done later.

The thing crawled out from the tree, hissing and growling. I backed away slowly and pulled the trigger, making all of us jump. However, this time I was not so lucky. It dodged my bullet, snarled furiously and scuttled, faster than I would have thought possible, leapt through the air and aimed itself straight for the female's throat, fangs bared hungrily.

The End

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