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When the gunshot went off I immediately froze. For a minute I had actually managed to forget where we were and what had happened to us! I quickly pulled out my pistol and cracked open the door. It was pitch-black out there and I could see nothing. I quickly closed the door again so that we wouldn't be noticed by someone who might be able to see in. Madelyn looked at me questioningly. I shrugged to show I hadn't seen anything and had no idea where the sound had come from. We have the motion detectors though, they will keep us safe,” I assured her.

“Look we should probably get some sleep,” I said after a short silence. “It's getting late and we don't want to be half asleep when we're in this maze.

Madelyn looked hesitant, and I didn't blame her, considering where we were, I didn't really want to sleep either, what if something snuck up on us, somehow managed to get past the sensors without us knowing. But we had to get sleep, or we would be even worse off tomorrow. “Alright,” Madelyn eventually gave in and went to lay down on the floor by the bed.

“Hey,” I called, “That's my spot! You get the bed!” Madelyn opened her mouth to argue, but I just raised an eyebrow and stubbornly crossed my arms around my chest. Madelyn got the point and climbed onto the bed. The right side of my mouth twitched up in a half-grin as I moved over to the spot Madelyn had been about to occupy. Sometimes it was nice to get your way, even if it meant sacrificing a little. I was definitely beginning to regret taking Madelyn under my wing less and less. If nothing else, she helped relieve some of the stress. And besides, as a big brother, I felt better when I had someone I could feel like I was protecting. It wasn't long after I laid my head down that I did fall asleep. It had been a long day, and I was more worn out than I had thought.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. The quiet beeping of the computer screen woke me up. I looked at it and saw that one of the motion sensors had been tripped. I took one of my pistols off the desk, where I had put them before falling asleep and trained it on the door, waiting for someone, or something, to come through. After a few agonizing minutes of waiting, the motion sensor on the other side of the hall was tripped as well. Whatever it was hadn't realized that our door had something behind it. I sighed, relieved that I wasn't going to have to kill yet. I was also very relieved that the motion sensors had worked, and that the beeping actually had woken me up. It made me feel much safer. I looked at my watch. 6:30. There was no point in going back to sleep.

I got up and put my guns and ammo back on before going to sit by the door. Madelyn was still asleep on the bed. The lights were actually on now, I realized, though only very dimly. It was enough however to be able to see Madelyn clearly. She was actually very pretty. She was average height, maybe around 5'5” with red highlights in her cropped black hair. She had almond-shaped eyes, giving her a slightly Asian appearance, and she looked so peaceful as her chest gently rose and fell with the deep, even breathing of sleep.

Ok, so maybe what I had thought was big-brother instincts had actually been something else...something like I was beginning to like this girl. She seemed pretty nice as well! She had been willing to laugh even right after she had been in so much discomfort and even though she was still in this place. That said quite a bit about her character, and I liked it. Now more than ever I really regretted being so mean to her before. I had been sorely mistaken when I had thought of her as useless. For a while I just sat and watched Madelyn sleep. Eventually, the lights came on at full brightness, which woke Madelyn up pretty effectively. I quickly glanced away, then looked back casually, as if I hadn't just been staring. “Morning sleepy-head,” I smiled wryly.

Madelyn groaned, but got out of bed. Once we were ready to go we both went up to the door. I opened it with my pistol pointed out. As I did, a cat ran through the door and hid behind Madelyn. It startled me so much that I immediately closed the door. When I realized it was just a cat I almost laughed. Madelyn had gone white as well, but she was quickly recovering, and even bent down to pet the cat. It purred happily and started to rub itself against her. I grinned. “Pick it up and bring it along Madelyn,” I offered, “we should go though.” Madelyn nodded and picked the cat up and we quickly left the room.

As we went down the hall, I opened up each door carefully as we passed. We had to find something to eat...it had been a day and a half since I had eaten, and I assumed it was probably the same for Madelyn, unless they had kidnapped her later, or fed her after they had kidnapped her. Either way, it was still breakfast time, and I was starving.

In one room, as I opened the door, bullets sprayed at me and I quickly closed it. Foot-steps sounded from inside and I quickly pulled out a gun and motioned Madelyn to the side. When the door opened again, a big man came out, gun first. I pulled the trigger and the man dropped his gun, clutching at his had, which was quickly getting covered in red. I moved up and slammed the butt of my gun into his head, knocking him out. I checked into the room, not expecting to find anything, but when I looked in, the place was loaded with food! “Madelyn, go in there and stay there,” I commanded, and handed her a pistol, “if anyone comes through that door without knocking first, then shoot them.

Madelyn looked very hesitant. “Promise me you will shoot them Madelyn,” I ordered forcefully, looking into her beautiful hazel eyes meaningfully.

Madelyn sighed and nodded. “Ok, I promise.”

Good,” I said, then moved over to the prone body of the man I had shot. I dragged him about five hallways down and laid him in front of a door there, before turning back and running to the door that I knew Madelyn was in. I knocked once on the door before entering. Madelyn was sitting in a chair with the gun held in shaking hands, she obviously hadn't enjoyed being left alone any more than I had. I hadn't realized just how reassuring it was to have someone else with me until I had left Madelyn for a bit. “Let's eat,” I grinned. Madelyn smiled weakly and handed me the gun back. The cat lept up onto the table from Madelyn's lap and mewed at me. I almost laughed. It was more of a kitten really, white with black spots and lustrous fur that was neither long nor short. It had the biggest green eyes, giving it the appearance of complete innocence. Usually I didn't like cats all that much, but this one I made an exception for. I scratched it under its chin with my finger and it began to purr loudly. I smiled again before going around the room, it was a combination kitchen and dining room that was loaded with food. I picked up a cereal box, and began to open cabinets until I found one with plates and bowls and cups, and another with silverware. I took out two spoons and two bowls. Then I went to a refrigerator and took out a gallon of milk. Breakfast was served. I even found a can of tuna for the kitten; which it ate with gusto. 

The End

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