Madelyn: Tiny bit a laughterMature

I clutched my stomach in pain, unable to straighten myself. Pain shot throughout my whole body, pulling my muscles and making my want to puke. I hated the feeling.

"You're burning up!" Tyler exclaimed, putting his hand on my forehead.

Ya think? I thought sarcastically to myself, but put it aside. He had been so nice to me, and all I had managed to do was cry and get sick. What a brilliant why to start a friendship. Not to mention being in this house of horrors.

For an hour I tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position, but having no success.

"Here, try to eat this," Tyler said, popping some berries that he had found into my mouth. I recognized the taste from something.. I had had them before, but couldn't remember.

Instantly, my pains went away, and I could sit up.

"Wow, what was that stuff?1?!" I asked, completely baffled.

"Something my grandmother told me about," he blushed, "I found it over there," he said, pointing to a clump of plants. "It wasn't easy, I wasn't sure if it was poisonous or not, but I figured you probably couldn't get much worse."

"Yeah, I think you about had that right," I giggled, relieved.

"There is only one down point.." he trailed, as I upchucked the only meal I had in my belly.

"It makes you toss your stomach twice every hour for 24 hours," he frowned.

"Lovely..." I groaned sarcastically, though still pleased that I wasn't still lying on the floor in pain.

"Thanks. Really." I said, looking up into his bright blue eyes, and I stared at the random yellow flecks etched into them. He seemed so willing to help, so sincere. It made myself well up with tears all over again, for they reminded me of my mother's back at home. I missed her. However, I decided that I wouldn't cry again, and so I brushed them away, and sat up, leaning against the wall that he was also laying against.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" I asked, sitting at his side.

"Nothing," he smiled.

"Well then, what are you smiling about?" I pressed.

"The fact that I can think of nothing, and you can't," he grinned. I playfully shoved his shoulder, and he just started laughing.

All of a sudden a shot sounded from somewhere in the building. Laughing lost, and soberity took reign. We were still in the mad house.


The End

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