Zoey: The RoomMature

I stayed in the darkness, unsure of what to do. There was complete silence, the only sound was my terrified whimpering, echoing in the emptiness. I was still clutching the gun and the knife in my hand and they both felt heavy, like I shouldn't be holding them. I had never used a gun before, or a knife for that matter. What was expected of me?


I spun around, on the defensive, knife poised in hand but could only see darkness.

'In order to escape this place, you must present me with one dead body, from one of the other contestants. Along the way, I have placed several traps and you will come across a number of complications that will hinder you severely. Will you kill or be killed?'

The voice shut off and I realized it had been projecting from some sort of speaker above me.

Letting the words sink in, in those few moments I felt nothing but pure and utter panic. Was I ever going to get alive? Was I ever going to see my family again? I knew it straight away; there was no way I could kill someone. I had never in my life hurt anyone, and now to be asked to murder? No way. I couldn't do it.

But that meant I was going to be killed myself. 

Shaking my head, I squared my shoulders and stood up straight. I was going to find some other way out of here, I was. Nobody would be killed.

The room flooded with light and I instinctively shielded my eyes. Everything was so bright, a stark contrast to the darkness. I waited for my eyesight to adjust before taking in my surroundings.


Everything was white; the walls, the floor, the lights. There was no furniture in the room except for a simple white desk placed in the center.

Baffled, I made my way over to the desk.

I checked for any telltale sign as to what this was about, but could identify nothing. Great, what was I supposed to do now? My eyes searched out the door that I had come through but there was nothing there, just a simple white wall.

So I was trapped, perfect.

I placed the gun and the knife on the desk and stepped away. This ridiculous dress kept getting under my feet and in a fit of frustration, I grabbed the knife again and ripped a huge hole into it. I tore away the bottom of the dress, until it was several inches shorter.

So now I was standing in a white room, trapped like an animal, with a slip of blue material in my hand. 

It didn't help my situation even remotely, I was still completely perplexed at what I had to do.

'Oh well,' I murmured to myself. 'All I can do it wait.'

I headed over to one of the far walls and sat down, waiting. For anything.

The End

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