Robbie NasibMature

“Hey, Robbie!” a man called to me as I waited for my ride home from school, “Your dad sent me to pick you up today!”

I walked suspiciously up to him, “Dad usually comes himself...”

The man rolled his eyes. “You want me to call him and show you?”

I nodded so the man took out his phone and dialed a number. He spoke into it quickly for a second then handed it to me. “Hey Robbie, you'll be going home with Phil today, you can trust hum, it's fine.” Before I could reply he hung up. I shrugged, I guess that meant this guy was for real. I got in the car and the guy, Phil, got in and began driving me. For the first part of the trip we were heading the right way, but about five minutes into the trip Phil made two wrong turns and was headed in a completely different direction than home.

“Hey, Phil, this isn't the right way,” I called up to him. Suddenly the locks of the car went down, and a plexiglass divider came up between me and the front seats. I desperately tried to pull the locks back up, but they had been filled off, so I couldn't get a good enough grip. “WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!” I screamed, but Phil paid me no attention whatsoever. At the corner Phil pulled over and opened the divider just slightly. Before I could do anything, he hurled a canister into the back then closed the divider again. I picked it up curiously and realized there was a thin trickle of smoke starting to leak out of it. Soon it wasn't just a trickle; noxious fumes poured out of a nozzle. I had no way of getting it out, so I pulled my shirt over my face and buried my face into the seat. It worked for a little bit, but eventually my world started getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Where was I again?....blackness.

I woke up who knows how much later, and found I was in a deserted room. I looked around and saw that I was on a bed in the middle of a room. There was also a chair and a desk, no windows, and only one door. I moved over to the desk and picked up the solitary piece of paper that sat there.

Hello Robbie. Welcome to the Game. Since you came in late, I'm going to give you an advantage, nobody else came into the Game knowing this, but there are others playing as well...I'm not going to say how many. All you have to do to be freed, is bring me one dead body. In the cabinet under this desk you will find a kit it will contain: a silenced pistol, night-vision goggles, a kit full of different kinds of poisons, and ten canisters of knockout gas similar to the one used on you.

P.S. Dead bodies only count if they are one of the players, if you kill one of the nasty surprises I have throughout this course, that will not get you out of here.

I reached down to the cabinet to pull it open, as I did I realized my hand was gloved in black. I realized that my clothes felt different than they should as well. I looked around me and found that I was clothed completely in black, I had on black boots that were so soft that unless I stomped around, they would move silently, and I even had a black hood. So apparently I was a stealth assassin then...I really didn't like the idea of killing anyone, even one of the “nasty surprises” but I knew that I was going to have to get moving soon, to find food and water if nothing else, so I pulled out the stuff from the cabinet and headed off. As soon as I opened the door I realized that my room was the only light around. It was pitch black out there. I snapped on my night-vision goggles and closed the door to the room behind me. Time to be off.

I walked silently through the maze of hallways, checking a room here and there. The first room I tried was occupied. It was pitch black inside, but with my goggles I was able to make out the face of a big, hulking man with an assault rifle, waiting for someone to come through. Luckily I hadn't made a sound, so I hadn't been discovered yet. Without closing the door, that might make a sound, I moved quickly on. At one point I almost ran into a patrol of men walking down the halls. They were decked out with night vision as well. They even had two dogs with them. I pulled out my pistol and shrunk into a corner, hoping they wouldn't see me. Unfortunately, their dogs smelled me and they headed right for me. My first two shots went through the men's heads, the next through the dog's. Everything was completely silent. I hurried on, wishing there had been some way around the killing. I had hated it. I hated myself for doing it at all. Maybe I should just have let them kill me. I shook my head and checked my watch. 5:30 am. I needed to get some sleep. Badly. I found an empty bedroom, locked the door and then piled all the extra furniture in front of it. No one was getting through there any time soon. I lay put down my equipment and lay down. Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

The End

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