Break Down: MadelynMature

"M-Madelyn. Madelyn H-Hope," I answered, starting to quake. After having opened the door, I had been placed into a mad house. Apparently, I was meant to bring back a body. A dead one. I was wnaerding, and all of a sudden a hand had clasped around my mouth. Sweat leaking form my pores, but it would be unnoticed with all the lotion and perfume I had on. The male voice had asked for my name, and I, perhaps foolishly, had given it to him.

"Well Madelyn, I'm supposed to kill you." he stated bluntly, having let me go, yet still held up his gun.

"And I you," I answered back, trying to be brave, though failing miserably. I wasn't a brave girl, I could barely leap off the second diving board, let alone pull a trigger to end somone precious life.

Apparently, my bravery facade didn't fool the tall boy, because I could visibly see him fight a smile from turning up his lips, and his gun lowered. Obviously thinking me to be unthreatening.

"How about neither of us kills each other?" he asked, finally gaining control his surpressed laugh.

"I don't see what's so funny," I replied, trying to hold my own composure, though it was threating to make me cry rather than laugh.

"Nothing, really. It's just... I don't think a girl in a dress, obviously unarmed, could pose a threat," he chuckled. I humphed, but didn't retort, there was nothing I could really say to that.

"Well, a friend wouldn't be unwelcome," I said, once he had finished.

"I simply siad that I wouldn't kill you, not that we should be friends," he replied.

That finally burst my bubble. It wasn't that I desperatly craved his friendship, he could have killed me for heaven's sake, but that thought of having to stanf on my tip toes, ready to kill or be killed, terrified me. I was far from home and all normality, and this boy, this tall and srogn boy, was ruining the small bit of sanity I had left. I could hold me tears back no longer. Good thing I have waterproof make-up on I thought sarcastically to myself as I sat down and let my tears flow.


The End

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