Tyler--Getting StartedMature


I woke up with a start. I looked around quickly getting my bearings. I was in a small bedroom, on a spartan bed. There was a wooden chair and a desk on the side of the room and one door. No windows, the only source of light was a bare bulb hanging on a wire from the ceiling. The door seemed to be the only way out. I hopped out of bed and tried the door. Locked. I kicked at it with my foot and felt it give a little. I kicked again, and again, and again. Finally, with a loud snap, the thin metal bar that held the door in place, snapped and the door swung open. I jumped back, expecting someone to come charging through. No one did. After I was satisfied that no one was going to come in and try to teach me a lesson for bashing down the door, I walked up to the door-way and looked both ways. I was in the middle of a long hall, lined with doors that were exact copies of mine.

Which way do I go?I shrugged and turned right, one way was as good as another I supposed. I took off at a light jog through the house...it was more like a gigantic mansion, until I came to the end of the hall. Where was everyone? There didn't seem to be a singe sign of habitation anywhere...except the complete lack of dust. I shuddered and looked around. I was at a T-junction, I could either go left or right. This place was a maze! The left led down for an unforeseeable distance; the right led to a room that looked well-furnished with a Lay-Z-Boy recliner and two loveseats. But, most important of all, there was a window!

I charged in and slammed my foot into the window. Nothing happened. Confused, I tried again. Again, nothing happened. Panic welled up from inside my chest, spreading quickly through the rest of my body. I was trapped, there was no escape! In a fit of panic I backed up and charged at the window. My body hit it with a dull thud. Still nothing. Once again I charged against the window. Another dull thud as my body bounced harmlessly of the window. This time though I managed to hit my head on the window as well. I sat down on the floor, slightly dazed. I touched my head gingerly and my hand came back smeared with blood. Great, already I was hurting myself. I got up and began to sprint down the hall, past the T-junction until I ran into a man. Before I realized what had happened the man had grabbed me and was guiding me down the hall.

Let me go!” I demanded angrily. The man didn't respond but instead continued to force me down the hall.

I put my heels down on the ground and refused to budge them. This forced the man to stop for a little bit, but he just brought his knee up against my back, hard. I arched my back in pain, causing my feet to lose their grip. Taking advantage of that the man pushed forward once again. This time faster, not giving me a chance to try that again. “LET ME GO!” I screamed at him, “I have a family to take care of!”

The man still showed absolutely no recognition that I was even alive. I slammed my elbow into his groin and the man immediately bent over in pain. Without giving it a second thought I took off running down the hall. I had to get away from that man! I had to get out of here! I had to get back home and keep dad off the whiskey! I had to get to work so that my sisters could have dinner! Another man stepped into my path, but as he reached for me I just slammed into him and sent him rolling away in pain. I was forced to pull up sharply as I came to a turn. I quickly picked up my pace again though as I saw door at the end of the hall. It looked like it led outside as well.

I charged at it and when I reached it, found it locked. “NO!” I screamed helplessly as I kept turning the knob frustratedly. Once again I backed up and threw myself at the door. Nothing. Again and again I threw myself uselessly at the door. I had to get out. I just had to! Soon, strong arms grasped me and pulled me away, but by that time I was too battered to put up more than a losing struggle. I even resorted to biting him though all that succeeded in doing was tightening his grip on me.

Eventually I gave up and just let him drag me into a room. Waiting for me there was a group of three men. All were dressed up very nicely and they all grinned at me.

He's finally here!”

What took so long Jude?”

The little bugger sucker-punched me and charged off down the hall, I finally caught him slamming himself against a door, trying to get through,” the man who had brought me here answered.

Well, he's quite a fighter isn't he?” commented one of the three men, he had a metallic purple mohawk, faded black jeans, a black leather jacket, and red contact lenses. “He'll put on a good show for the boss once we've fixed him up!”

Another man, he wasn't very tall, only about 5'7” looked me over, “He's got a nasty bump on his head there! What did you do to him Jude?”

He did it to himself,” Jude sneered.

The man looked me over and raised an eyebrow, “This one is going to be quite a job! We better get started now! We are already late as it is!”

The others nodded and quickly took me from Jude. When they started to take my clothes off I immediately began to fight back. I punched one of them in the jaw and turned to run again. The problem was, I ran right back into Jude, who took me in his firm grasp and practically threw me back to where I was supposed to be. The men came and tentatively tried again to undress me. I glared icily at them, but did nothing to stop them this time, there was nothing I could do with Jude there. As they took my clothes off they took turns ooh-ing and ahh-ing at my physique as well as tsk-ing at the bruises, both old and new that covered my body. Once they had fully undressed me, they led me to a tub of warm water and began to scrub me off.

Once that was finished, they sat me in a chair and began to cut and style my hair. Once they had achieved an very emo look they took me out and dried me off then brought out black camo cargo pants as well as a tight-fitting black T-shirt. With those on, they brought out two leather straps that were filled with pistol clips and put them one on each shoulder—running to the opposite hip. Then they gave me a belt with two gun-pouches and handed me two Beretta 9mm pistols.

Alright,” exclaimed one of the men happily, “you are ready to begin.”

Jude grabbed me once more and shoved me through a door. I tried to reach for one of my pistols, but Jude grabbed both my hands and twisted them painfully behind my back. We walked down a hall and he shoved me into a room and closed the door behind him.

Welcome!” came a voice over a hidden speaker system. “You are now playing my game! The rule is, bring me one dead body, and I will let you free! Just a warning though! This mansion is a maze that is full of all kinds of traps and pratfalls! So be careful!”

With that, my door swung open slowly. I drew one of my pistols and slowly walked out of the room. I looked around again, if I could just find another window! Maybe a bullet could break it! And one dead body? We had to kill someone?! Well, if it was someone like Jude...then maybe I could...but I don't think I could have brought myself to kill, say, the stylists who Jude had taken me to. Maybe if someone tried to kill me first? I didn't know. I wasn't really a killer. I would just have to find that window before anyone else found me.

I wasn't so lucky though, an hour later and I still was wandering around in hopes of finding a window to the outside. Suddenly I heard a small sound and stopped. There was someone walking toward me. They were just around the corner. I quickly pressed myself into a doorway so that I was out of view and waited for whoever it was to pass by. Slowly, the footsteps came closer and closer. I carefully controlled my breathing so as not to be heard. I saw the tip of a blue dress come into view. It was a girl! As soon as she took another step I swept up behind her. With one hand I pulled her up against me and clamped her mouth shut to prevent a scream. With the other, I pressed my Beretta against her head. “Don't you dare scream,” I uttered into her ear. Her eyes were wide open in fear. “If you make one wrong move, I promise you, it will be your last.”

The girl nodded to show that she understood, so I let go of her and stepped back, still keeping my gun pointed at her. I knew I wasn't going to be able to kill her, but that didn't mean she wouldn't kill me...one dead body...”What's your name?” I demanded.  

"M-Madelyn. Madelyn H-Hope," she stuttered, probably still in shock.

The End

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