Zoey: Waking upMature

Images drifted through my unconsciousness.

I saw my mother's face, an older reflection of myself. We shared the same sapphire colored eyes, hers had laughter lines etched into the skin around them, a mark of the happy life she had lived. She was smiling at me, a peaceful smile full of total serenity that made me feel warm inside.

The next image to pass by was one of my friends. Lilah was in the middle, taller than the rest with her favourite denim skirt showing off her long, tanned legs. To her right, Marie, at least a head shorter was looking at me with an expression of total understanding. Her soft brown eyes were imperturbable and she wore a slight smile on her lips. On the other side of Lilah was Rachel. She was laughing, her head thrown back, her mouth wide open and her eyes shining. Even in my unconsciousness, I felt a pang of grief for my friends and my family. I was distantly aware of the fact I may never be able to see them again.

This thought told me to break through and to wake up. I tried forcing my eyes open, but this mere action caused an excruciating pain to bolt through my head, centered at my temple, just above my left ear. I brought my hand up to touch the source of the pain and felt something warm, wet. 

Open your eyes.

My eyelids fluttered open and I ignored the pain as I became aware of my surroundings. I was laying on someone's bed, in a very basic bedroom. This bed took up the majority of the room and the only other piece of furniture was a simple wooden chair. On the far side of the wall, a door was closed. A door. My destination.

I scrambled into a sitting position, eyes focussed on the single door. 

Tentatively, I lowered one foot to the floor, set it down and started on the other. And then I heard footsteps, heading up the stairs. A muted voice. Possibly two.

I pushed myself as far as I could against the wall, as if somehow I could fall through it, away from this place and back to the safety of my own home. Had I been kidnapped? Was I one of those victims I had only heard about on the news? The one who disappeared for years, only to be found in a completely different country with a completely different identity?

The footsteps grew nearer, approaching this particular room. The door flung open and I screamed loud


The End

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