Madelyn: Prepping, part 2Mature

"You're such a silly girl," Fatima giggled, sitting down at a plate of food beside me. "Of course you get to, you've been good."

I inhaled the delicious aroma, and cleaned my plate until it sparkled. Yummy food like chicken, potatoes and asparagus all went into my stomach, where they were now being digested.

"Okay now, that's enough, It's time to get you dressed and do your hair and make-up!" Jacqueline said, excited that it was now her time to shine. I sighed and got up, I really wanted to go home, I didn't want to be trapped here... But I had found out that it was best to remain and try and be happy, nothing else that I could really do.

I sat in the chair, I wore only a thin, almost see through white dress. It felt like silk, and went from the strapless top to the lacy end the rose just above my knees.

"Alright, Jacqueline start on the make-up, remember the look we're going for. Fatima, work on the hair. Angela get weaponry ready, and I'll gather her clothing together. We only have a little while people!" (we had taken a nap, and apparently we had all overslept, we had three hours left... so much time!)

They all busied themselves with their little tasks, and I pondered what on earth Sophia had meant by 'weaponry.'

I was told to stand up at one point, because apparently I was ready to have my clothes put on. First, a tight corset was placed around my waist, and the strings were drawn so tight, that at first I had trouble breathing. Once my lungs were allow a little space, I had to problem. I actually welcomed it, because I was told that it had a deflective mechanism in it, so if I were to get cut, or shot at (hopefully never to happen!) it would be deflected and not hurt moi.

Next, beautiful dark blue dress went on. It was absolutely stunning, and I felt like I should be going to a ball. Maybe hat was it.... It was strapless, the top coming just at my arm pits. It had a tighter upper half (or maybe that was just the corset) and then loosened at my waist Finally, at my hips, and flowed down, and could swish around if I were allowed to move (which I wasn't at the moment, at Jacqueline's insistence.) Little beads were sewn in in a pattern that I was still trying to unravel.

Next, I looked in the mirror to see how the whole thing looking on me. What I saw stunned me. I was no longer the average Madelyn Hope, I has a stunning creature. I was beautiful.

My dress worked absolutely perfectly on my figure (helped by the corset of course) and it made me look like I was a born beauty. My make up was applied just-so, highlighting my face without looking gaudy, with little sparkles dotted around to give me a fairy-like look. My hair was done up intricately, much more complex then I thought short hair could be done... though I thought I detected a few hair extensions in the mix. For jewelery, a diamond necklace decorated my neck, and a pair of beautiful diamond earrings weighed down on my ears. A small tiara placed on my head sparkled. A bracelet of silver draped on my wrist, with an intricate ring decorating my left ring finger, and a toe ring had also been placed on my middle toe. My nails were trimmed and polished, no colour, but a sheen was about them that made me think a few well placed sparkles were on them. In a word, I was beautiful beyond what I thought to be humanly possible.

"Wow...." I breathed. I literally had no words.

"Now, each bead has a gas located in it, you can take them off and toss them at someone and it should deter them by at least a little bit." Sophia explained, pointing to each bead as she spoke, "The necklace is very strong, and can be used to choke things, and the bracelet is equally strong, but not to be used as a weapon as much as a tool. The earrings just look pretty. Your nails are coated in poison, so don't bite them. If you scratch someone with them hard enough to make them bleed, they may possibly die within 3 hours unless they have a proper treatment. Any questions?" She asked.

"Um.. what is all this for?!" I exclaimed. Before I got an answer, a knock came at the door, and Wanda entered.

"Ya'll are amazing, she looks exquisite!" she cooed, around me, and patting me down. "You've not given her the knife yet, I guess I'll have to do that," she smiled as she dashed to a pile, and dug out a

small knife.

"Stick out your leg," she commanded, and I obeyed. She thrust a garter up my leg, attached to it was the sheath with the small knife.

"There, now you're complete," she grinned as she stared into my eyes. Hurt was etched into her green ones, and I'm sure confusion and wonder was in my brown ones.

"Alright, come one!" she exclaimed, tugging my hand and leading me back to the ominous hallway. "This is where we part," she told me, a small tear going down her cheek. "I'll be rooting for you." And with that she ran off. I stood alone at a doorway, one that I was meant to enter.

"Here goes nothing," I murmured to myself, and I pushed open the door. An action I would later regret for the rest of my life.  


The End

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