Madelyn: Prepping, part 1Mature

I sat in the horrid chair for over an hour before a tall woman came into the room. She would be considered pretty, tall, blonde and blue eyed, nice figure and full lips. However, since I was in a chair, tied up and far away from any sense of home, I did not find her pretty, I found her scary.

I tried to speak, however my throat was so dry, and I was so weak that all I could manage was a weak groan.

"You aren't to last very long with that little amount of strength, here, eat this," she said, not very kindly but still, I welcomed the food that she had given to my hand. I slowly ate it, trying to preserve it.

"Thanks," I said quietly.

"Don't thank me, thank the cooks who made it, I just delivered it. Now here, try this on," she said, handing me a rather strange garment.

"I'd kinda need to be untied to do that..." I trailed, glancing down at my bonds.. which I then realized be undone. When I looked up, the lady was gone.

"Strange." I murmured to myself, as I got up to change clothes. I looked around, self conscious, and once realizing that no one was there, I took off my jacket, shirt and pants, leaving my underwear and cami on. I was about to place on the dress, when the door handle started clicking.

"Well hello there," a girl said, bounding into the room. "I've waited a long time for this. What are you doing?" She asked, suddenly realized that I was standing there half naked holding the strange garment.

"the Miss has been here hasn't she, always a step ahead that one. Please, come with me and we'll get you cleaned up and presentable like. I think the Sir would have a fit if he saw that one of his contestants wasn't to her maximum beauty."

"Contestants?" I asked in disbelief. Was I on a game show!?

"That would be you silly, you have a whole day to be prepared, that's where I come in. And then you have a whole day for each of the levels. Hasn't this been explained to you?" She asked, we were down a hall at this point, she had been pulling me the whole way by my hand. Had a breeze not swept through, I would have thought myself to be in a dream.

"First level?" I questioned.

"Yeah, well, I can't tell you too much, it'll ruin it and Sir doesn't like his games to be ruined. All I can tell you know is that you're going to be prepped by an amazing team, you got the best one I think. Ah, here we are, just go in, and do what ever they tell you to. Remember, if you don't cooperate, they'll have to use force, and you won't like that. Behave, and you'll get food and drink. Enjoy!" she said, and skipped off, leaving me to the door with a star, one in a row of doors with stars, each bearing a different name. This particular one, had my name. Gulp.

I twisted the knob, opening cautiously when it was jerked open.

"Well hello there dear, you must be Madelyn, come in!" she squealed with delight, had I not known better, I would say she truly was happy to see me.

I entered. The room was a typical box shape, form what I could tell, because it was actually very large there were multiple racks of clothes, and a very very large vanity mirror set towards the side. In one corner, there was a whole spa laid out, open shower, hot tub, pedicure and manicure station all set up. Shoes and accessories were strewn all along the floor in a way that would make sense only to the person who had placed them there. However when the shock of seeing all this had worn off, something else blew me away. I saw pictures of myself plastered all along the wall. Some were candid, others posed, some were photo-shopped. It was incredibly bazaar.

"What is this place?" I asked, dumb-founded, to the four women surrounding me.

"She's lost some weight since here last photo, do you think we'll have to take anything in?" one worried, patting my hips and waist.

"I think not Dolly, we made everything to be adjustable. I'm just worried about these nails, practically stubs!" She exclaimed, picking up my bitten nails.

"What's going on?! I yelled, they had ignored me before, and I was going to go potty if they didn't tell me what in the world was happening.

"We're going to make you pretty," one giggled.

"Didn't Wanda already tell you? We have one day to make you look like a princess, so stop standing there gawking, and let's get to it!" The one, that was apparently in charge, insisted.

I was lead over to the shower, and promptly stripped down of everything, and shoved in to the basin. I was scrubbed and polished there, every bit of grime that had clung to my skin was removed, and every leg and arm pit hair was quickly removed by something that I had never seen. I was thoroughly clean.

They then led me to the hot tub, in which I got to soak while they manicured my nails and pedicured my toenails. Had I not been in such a strange situation, I would have quite liked the pampering.

After three hours of this scrubbing, during which time the women had been chatting about weird things, like a maze and lances. Every time I asked them what it was about, they just tittered and went back to their work with no comment. They also talked to me, and I to them. We talked like any friends would, and I guess this was because there was no boundaries, I mean really, they were bathing me. We talked about school, home life, extra curricular activities, boys, shopping etc. Girl stuff really.

I learned that Fatima, the third girl with black hair and brown eyes, was from a foreign country, and had come here when she was just a little child. The second girl, Jacqueline, has wanted to be a beautician her whole life, and Sir gave her the chance. Sophia, the leader, was very chatty, but never really told me anything about herself.

On hour five, I was removed from a tanning thing that had rubbed lotion on and patted down my skin, and placed at a table with food in front of me.

"Do I get to eat?" I asked excitedly.


The End

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