Possible My End, 1 Month AgoMature

Huckle was the name that often got tossed around the school playground. Huckle, thats me, a small 15 year old (routhly 156 cm) and a  clever one if thats not to cocky. Everyday I walk to my bus stop go to school, grinde through the day (I'm not a fan of school)  then I get the joy of walking back to my house.

 It's winter now, and the annoying thing is that its always pitch black on the way home. and where I live there aren't any street lamps, well I lie, there's one, shame it don't work. I've been hearing reports about child abductions, and the weird thing, they all seem to be homing in to wear I live, my dad says it's nothing to worry about but to be honest, I have my doubts.

Its been two weeks now since its been dark on my way home and that bloody street lamp still hasn't been fixed, child abduction is now left right and centre, oh how I wish the police will catch who ever is playing this tortures game with my mind. I really would like it all to just end, but sadly its not gone as quickly as it came around.

1 week ago was my last diary entry, and the child abduction thing, yeah thats got a hell of a lot worse, 7 people from my year have gone missing, the school is saying to always be in groups of at least 3 when walking home, bloody shame that no one goes my way. I asked my parents could pick me up from school but knowing my luck, the answer I got was not what I was looking for, my Mums always working and my dads car failed its M.O.T test, FANTASTIC!

Jesus Christ! 6 days ago was my last entry, Its been 27 days and that street lamp still doesn't work, and to make matters worse I keep seeing a tall dark figure standing at the corner of my street every time I walk home, I'm really worried now, by parents just say I'm paranoid, how I hope this isn't my last entry, oh how I hope.

The End

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