Zoey Wolfe: ConfusionMature

The bell gave off its loud, shrill noise indicating that school was over. The room became filled with the sound of chair legs scraping against the floor, books being piled into bags and excited chatter about the weekend. 

I took my time, organising my books and making sure they were neat and tidy before placing them carefully in my bag. Pulling my coat off the back off the chair I glanced surreptitiously out the corner of my eye and breathed a sigh of relief as Kala Marks left the room. I so did not want to run into her after school.

'Kala?' the teacher called her back.


'Yes?' she paused at the doorway and smiled sweetly at the teacher, a perfect act. I took this opportunity to sneak past her, keeping my eyes planted firmly on the ground. Seeing as Kala and her friends had pretty much the same route home as me I decided to kill some time in the school library. Although I would never actually admit it to anyone, the library was my favourite place in the world. It was the place where I could just escape to a world of fiction and leave this cruel reality behind for several hours. 

I headed to the back of the library and let my eyes wander over the section of Newly Imported books. Pulling out one that appealed to me I sunk into the comfy beanbag chair and began reading.

* * *

My phone vibrated inside my pocket, jerking me sharply into the real world. I blinked, confused. 

What time was it?

I pulled out my phone to check and saw I had 5 unread messages, all from mum. Crap.

Where r u, read the first one.

Answer your phone!

Come home now!

Do you realise what the time is

Zoey! This isn't funny, ring me now

'Shiiiit,' I muttered under my breath. I had been here for two hours! I was so busted.

I placed the book back on my shelf and jogged out of the library, down the steps and into the cool night air. I was going to be in so much trouble when I got home. Looking back, what I didn't count on though was the fact that I may not return home. Not now. Not ever. If only I had thought about that, maybe I would still be safe and sound, but that's just the way fate goes I guess. That little mistake, staying an hour too late in the library is how I wound up where I am now.

'Zoey!' someone shouted my name from behind me. Just as I turned round, something smacked me in the back of my head with immense force and I collapsed forward, hitting the ground sharply watching the world fade into grey.

The End

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