Possible My EndMature

I woke with a scream, sweat dripping down my cheek,

"Oh it was only a dream" I sighed. Suddenly there was a load bang, I felt my hairs stand on end. A load chainsaw like nice begun, slowly becoming louder and louder, i new it was getting closer but it was pitch black, I couldn't see anything, I wanted to scream, but yet I knew I shouldn't. I stood up and tried to make a dash for it, but i was stuck, i felt a strong grasp around my right ankle,

"help!" I screamed with fear, "HELP ME!" All of  a sudden the lights came on and a huge saw came flying at me, luckily i reacted quick enough, i dodged to the left, I could feel the trail of wind from the saw pass by my neck. I looked up and saw that the saw was swining like a pendulum, but that must mean it was comming back. I ducked just out of pure fearness, but what timing, the saw flew passed me, there was no way i could escape, as the saw came back I ducked again, this time it felt as if the saw was getting lower and lower. Then it hit me, I could get the saw to take of my right foot. I held my breath and positioned my body so the saw would take out my foot. I clutched my face.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed with pain, but I was free, unable to stand i began to crawl away from the saw, there was a door just around the corner, but the door was down a corridor. I crawled like i never crawled before. But at that point there were 2 beeps, arrows came flying from the left and the right, 3 hit me, unable to move I just sat there in a pool of my own blood, i hear a large chuckle and as I lay there I knew that my life had come to an end.

The End

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