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I edged my way across the rope, holding steadily to the umbrella that I had been given. Most of the time, I wouldn't be worried, this was part of my profession. But this time, I was unfamiliar with my partner, and we had to net to catch us from underneath.

"Ready Kari?" Liam called out, swinging away from me on his trapeze bar. I nodded, trying to look confident. He swung back towards me, held out his hands, and I leapt.

I loved the feeling in the air, the feeling that I was free, and that nothing could stop me. I felt nervous before jumping, because I had options. Here, I had nothing that I needed to do but fly. I did of course flip a few times, naturally. But I had no control over falling straight down even if I wanted to. I was totally reliant.

All of a sudden, I felt my legs being grasped around the ankles, and my body naturally twisted in to the right position.

"Nice," he whispered, his Irish accent blowing me away, and I remembered why I had trusted him. He swung me over to the next bar, and I completed all the rest of the execution perfectly. 

"Great work," I smiled at me when we had made it down.

"You too," I grinned modestly, "Mr Clarks should be hiring the both of us I think."

"I hope so,  I don't want to try out at a circus, a place totally dedicated to artists of our kind is where I've always wanted to work.: He shook out his blonde hair, and started for the door, dropping his red towel along the way. I went to go pick it up, he'd probably left it on accident. 

I jerked it from the box where it had fallen, and ran over to Liam, brown hair flying behind me. 

"Hello there poppet," I short, nearly bald man said form behind me once I had gotten outside. Before I could turn around, a clothe was put to my nose, and I was out cold within seconds. The last thing I saw was Liam falling to the ground, just two seconds before I made it there myself.

The End

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