The Bully

Apollo gulped and stared at his aggressor through his thick glasses. The bully, Eric, was almost two heads taller than him, and a lot heavier. And Apollo, well, Apollo was a small kid. He wore glasses, he read books.

'You're really gonna get it this time,' Eric sneered, rolling up his sleeves.

Eric really was a big meanie. Apollo wished he could be strong like the sun god he was named after, so he could fight back. But he was scared.

'But I didn't do anything,' he said.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, shouldn't have said that. Kids like Eric could smell fear. Don't be afraid, the worst he can do is beat you up, and then the other kids will laugh at you, thought Apollo.

'Ye're a loser, that's somethin',' said Eric, as his mean buddies laughed.

What would Mom say?

Mom was a weedy lady herself, but she had a black belt at karate.She'd taught him some things, but now Eric was pressing him into a corner and he couldn't remember.

What would Aunt An do?

Aunt An was very good-looking, and a lesbian. And suddenly Apollo knew what to do.

As Eric swung his fist for the first punch Apollo swung his leg back as far as he could and kicked the big bully right in the balls.

Sure, he got beat up worse than ever afterwards, but hell, it was worth it.

The End

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