I jumped to my feet and out of the chair. Felix stirred on the bed then sat up rubbing his eyes. He looks down at his crumpled clothes. "Did I sleep in my clothes?" He says looking at me and raising an eyebrow.

I nod then click my fingers both of are clothes wash out on our skin. "There we go clean" I flash a smile at him and head for the door. "Come on. You need to get to school and I have to finishes registering"

"Finish?" Felix asks standing up.

"Yep, I registered most of my files while you were asleep. I was only partly in your dream" I say then wink back at him. We go down stairs to find Felix's dad cooking.

"I'm making pancakes for breakfast since we have a guest" his dad says smiling. Felix sighs heavily but I nudge him.

"You didn't have to go to the effort for me" I say smiling sweetly.

"Its okay. I didn't mind" Felix's dad says then serves the pancakes. Felix receives a text and answers quickly. I look at him an eyebrow raised.

"It was Sophie asking if you're joining us at the school" Felix says with a shurg. I nod then we finish of our breakfast and head for school.

The End

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