I laid in bed, being kept awake by the memory of that vision. What could we have been worrying so much about? And darkness was never a good sign. It kept me up till 3am, by which time my whole house was silent. The little sleep I got wasn't much help, because the vision woke me up again at five.

I sighed and rolled out of bed. Then I paced my room. I would have to get up for school in two hours, so there was no point trying to get back to sleep. I tiptoed downstairs and went into the front room, only to find Dad asleep on the sofa. Great. My parents had been arguing again. Getting breakfast was harder then usual because there was no milk or bacon or bread. I settled for a bowl of dry cornflakes, which I ate leaning against the kitchen wall because Dad was in the front room. When I finished I went back upstairs, brushed my teeth, washed my face and got dressed into some jeans and a purple stretch top. I brushed my hair and shoved a hair band into it. Then I laid back down on my bed and waited for Mum to knock on the door and tell me to get up. But first, I texted Felix and asked him whether Rosella was coming to school. I figured she was the best person to ask about the vision.

The End

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