Right, Wishing into a dreamMature


"Your rooms a mess" I say looking around at Felix's room. I turn to face him and he's standing close to the door scratching his head nervously.

"I guess" He murmurs. I sigh and click my fingers. Things wizz across the room and Felix has to dodge serveral while I stand still till its finished. I give off a relieved sigh.

"There thats better" I say and sit down on the computer desk chair. Felix walks over slowly then sits on his bed. He looks around in shock.

"Wow" He whispers.

"Wow, doesn't cut it" I say smiling. "Anyway.... Time for Dream wishing"

"Dream Wishing???" Felix mutter confused. I nod.

"Create your own dream world" I flick a hand at him and he passes out on to his bed. Then I shut my eyes and fall into his dream.


"What the hell?" Felix's voice echo's.

"I'm here" I say. Felix spins round to face me and sighs in relief. I smile and he tries to smile back.

"What is this place?" he asks.

"Your dream world" I say smiling. Then I lean forward towards him. "Now what do you want in it?"

The End

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